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want to lose weight for summer hols

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by beckie99, May 4, 2009.

  1. notascientist!

    notascientist! New commenter

    OMG - have just given in and weighed myself - not at all happy now!
    Have joined WeightWatchers on line - will not let myself continue at that weight! Off to the swimming pool tomorrow morning too - think that might have been the wakeup call I needed!

  2. Day Two gone well [​IMG]

    Diet - x2 weetabix with skimmed milk, ham salad sandwich (on WW bread), ryvita sunbites, pasta bake thingymajig, sorbet and jelly

    Fitness - Arm stretches with weights & 100 Step Ups!!
    Night All
  3. Hi all!
    I've not been too good I'm afraid. Not awful but not wonderful. I have just got a Wii fit which I am loving at the moment (novelty value I know) so at least I am moving rather than just sitting on the sofa! [​IMG]
    Totally agree with what Cals said about have a bath (or shower in my case) when you fancy something to eat in the evening but aren't actually hungry. Also, I tend to clean my teeth when i get out of the shower which then puts me off eating anything else.
    Did anyone watch the losing weight program on BBC1 tonight (10 things you need to know or somethign like that)? I found it fascinating! Especially the thing about protein filling you up for longer - will have to try that out. Just need to find out what has a lot of protein in it now. [​IMG] Does tinned tuna have much protein in it? (That's what I tend to have for my lunches at school and they tend to fill me up, mind you, that is on a jacket potato!).
    Anyway, I'd better stop rambling. Off to sort out weddingy things tomorrow - yay!
    Take care and welcome Rach.
  4. Didn't see it as husband doesn't like that sort of thing, but I shal watch online - here''s the link for anyone else who didn't see it:
    Was very good yesterday until the ice cream van came round - was supposed to be sending son out for a treat, but he had no shoes on and husband said he'd have a 99 too - and so did I! How many calories in a 99? I'm not even that keen on ice cream - just wanted to join in a bit of family fun! Am going shopping for clothes for son today, so will no doubt have lunch out - and it's dodgily close to the weekend! Oh well, will start off with the grapefruit and see what happens!
    Tuna is, apparently, a good source of protein - but being veggie I wouldn't recommend it! Soya is excellent and low in fat. Pulses are good too. Sprouting your own beans (mung, alfalfa, aduki, lentils) is excellent as they are superbly good for you and low in calories and really bulk up a meal - particularly alfalfa sprouts. So easy to grow and you can pick on them too. They bulk out a sandwich which means they take longer to eat and are more filling.
    Keep strong folks - think of those lovely summer frocks!!
  5. Ok I'm going to get back to it today. Went back to WW on Tuesday but then had a bad day yesterday. Will power is nil and mu OH is a bad influence. Why didn't I marry someone who liked healthy food and the gym instead of someon like me!!
    Just going to do salsacise DVD before breaky, then must fill job application in. Will be on here later because I need to be honest about what I'm eating.
    Good luck today x
  6. Turkey is your best source of protein
  7. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    I think prawns are good for protein too, and they're very low in fat.
  8. notascientist!

    notascientist! New commenter

    Oh Juju you are like me - we could be twins!!!
    My OH is a bad influence, well maybe a bit harsh, but he doesn't exactly motivate me to get outside and exercise, or eat very healthily. He clams up when the subject comes up. However last night he did tell me to cut out snacks after school (will try the fruit and carrot thing instead) and also told me that he would eat whatever I cooked as would be good for him too! This was such a step forward - I just hope we can both stick to it!
    So far I have had a bowl of plain natural yoghurt and fresh fruit salad plus black coffee. Not sure about lunch as going to a friend's house. Will need to be very good tonight (and OH is away overnight so that could be hard - boredom!)
    Good luck ladies
    NAS x
  9. Morning everyone!
    Thanks for the welcome Anonn [​IMG]
    I saw that programme as well - bit too sciency for me and did anyone notice how often they repeated the same point. I think chicken has lots of protein in it (Weirdo housemate at uni lives on dry chicken, dry rice accompanied by a boiled egg everyday!!) and apparently baked beans! The new little ones with less sugar and salt are quite low in calories too.
    Day three has started well. Can't do fitness stuff til later as waiting for a delivery of a cross trainer and would be mortified if delivery men found in the garage all hot and sweaty on the treadmill! Will do housework in the meantime. [​IMG]
    JuJu - My OH is exactly the same. Whenever he's around it's "shall we go for a curry" "shall we have takeaway" and I seem to eat bigger portions when he's about. Going to continue to use my small plate in future. I keep moaning about my weight but he says I'm fine - which cuts the motivation to do anything about it but I know that I need to lose weight and tone up for me (and him). Anyway, I'm back in Cornwall til September and he's up in Northampton and will only see him a handful of times.
    Fingers crossed I'll be a vision of beauty when I return!
    Will post diet and fitness record later - hope you don't mind me doing that. Just an encouragement to eat better when I know someone else is going to be looking at it!
    Have a good day x
  10. Hello, I haven't weighed myself but I am currently between a size 12 and 14, when a year ago I was an 8 - 10. I REALLY want to change my lifestyle, get back into exercise and start eating less (portion sizes are bad with me) and generally shape up!
    Please can I join your thread? I think I might go by inches lost though rather than weight as I know as I exercise I put on muscle.
    I am so determined to do this as I have been so unhappy with myself for a while now.

    El x
  11. Hello El!
    You sound exactly like me. I'm now on day three of diet and fitness and going well so far!
    Think it's helping me to think that I'm doing it for a reason instead of because I need to. I'm doing the Weight Watchers diet using WW Online and then just using my treadmill and arm weights when stretching.
    Like I said ... only on day three so fingers crossed to see results soon!
    Do you do exercise currently? Or need to start something new?
    Good Luck
    Rach x
  12. Diet & Fitness Diary : Day 3
    Diet : x2 weetabix with semi-skimmed milk, two slice of toast (WW bread) with marmite, Ryvita Sunbites, Cereal Bar, Chicken wrapped in Parma Ham with veg, chocolate mousse and jelly!
    Fitness : 2 miles up hill and down dale on treadmill

    Currently hoping I haven't killed this thread!
    Night ladies x
  13. notascientist!

    notascientist! New commenter

    Well I wasn't brilliant yesterday, but wasn't awful either. I was really good at lunch with my friends; one even said she thought I had lost weight (didn't think it worked that quick!!!)
    I had a filling dinner of rice, chicken and vegetables. My downfall came when I got bored in the evening .... and I caved in and had a small bag of pretzels, but it was all within my points allowance, so not too bad. I had also taken the dogs out for 30min walk, but I usually do that anyway.
    Today I am aiming high!
    Good luck!
  14. Well I was bad again yesterday. Have told OH to hide the multiple tubes of smarties he bought me!!
    Starting AGAIN today.
    Glass of grapefruit juice
    branflakes and milk so far.
  15. I've been terrible! can't stop eating. I went out with my friend for lunch on wed and had mussels in a sauce with walnut bread (yum) and yesterday had a slice of pizza with garlic bread with another friend! Also had lattes (skinny) with a muffin, what is that all about!?
    Whoever stole my motivation give it back please! [​IMG]
  16. They've got mine too!
  17. You should never view eating any food as bad or that you have failed. If you do you will get stuck in a cycle that will not lead to succesful and maintainable weight loss.
    I don't agree with having to 'start again' either, just to be more aware of what caused the certain foods to be eaten. Changing your lifestyle is a long process so punishing yourself for 'failing' at the start isn't a good idea.
    Keep at it and remember that if you are saintly 80% of the time you can have 20% bad stuff [​IMG]
  18. if I ate just 2% of bad stuff then 80% would soon follow! I have to totally abstein. I feel really ill today in fact, really sick for some reason.
  19. i'm trying to as well. i'm going on holiday at the end of june and i am desperate to lose my tummy. i'm trying really hard but at the end of a long day i just give up and snack on things. i'm going to have to try a lot harder now otherwise i will spend my holiday in frumpy clothes. eek! good luck beckie and good luck to me too lol. [​IMG] also good luck to any other people who are trying their hardest to lose that winter weight.
  20. Hi!
    How are we all doing?
    Thanks for all the advice about food high in protein - I will bear that in mind. I know that my big downfall is carbs (bread and potatoes mainly) and I love them and feel that they fill me up. So, I have been reducing the amount I have of that and increasing the protein instead slightly.
    At the moment I seem to be putting on weight which is a bit disappointing but I am trying not to become too obsessed with the scales. I am also going to try and eat more fruit and veg (I have strawberries waiting for me at the moment - yum!).
    Will keep on with the Wii fit (which is killing my legs at the moment - I ache so much!) but I am also going to try and get into the routine of going to the gym before work (I keep trying this but can never quite manage to get out of bed - any tips?).
    Anyway, good luck for today!
    Oh and welcome Ellie.[​IMG]


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