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want to lose weight for summer hols

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by beckie99, May 4, 2009.

  2. hubcap

    hubcap New commenter

    Hello.. room for one more?
    I need to lose about 3 stone. Ive been trying for years but cant find the motivation. I do fine all day then eat in the evening!! Well Im giving myself a reality check, to stop relying on others to make me fullfilled and do it myself. Im drinking a lot more water, icecold from the fridge, porridge made with water for breakfast, a healthy dinner and tea and hoping the water will be my saviour in the evenings. Thats my plan. I have a Davina dvd which I will try to do for 20 mins a day and I will walk the dog for 20 mins a day, I have a treadmill, but thats become a bit boring. I went on a 7 mile walk on Friday, it was knackering, but good. Only tthing is backs of my calves are still hurting two days later!
    Any other tips totally appriciated!

  3. I only lost a pound last week. I blame the constipation though! (Sorry!)
    Hubcap, you sound like me with the wanting to eat in the evening. I can easily go without eating anything at all until 7/8 pm - not nessecarily advocating that - but then I find I get cravings around 9/10 pm. I know this sounds a bit sad but it works: I write the days of the week down on a piece of card so I see it when I get up in the morning, and every day that I ate nothing after dinner, I cross it off the next morning. It's great when u get to Friday/Saturday and see a load of days crossed off!
  4. Can I join please?

    Have begun Tesco diets today - following the low fat plan which I know will work for me. Haven't read all of the thread so sorry if I'm repeating anyone but I think unless your head is in the "right place" it's impossible to lose weight. Do others think this too?
  5. I completely agree JRT. I have struggled as the probem is psychological and although I'm desperate to lose weight, I almost have a 'fear' of doing so. I can't really explain it but I feel like I have to eat as I'm scared of losing weight even though I want to!
    Maybe I'm just officially mad! I do also find it hard to lose weight when I'm really stressed at work. It just seems to be one thing too much!
  6. That's really interesting fiona - do you think it's because you can't use weight as an excuse to do/not to do certain things? (Hope that didn't sound awful!)
    I have been eating well apart from a lemon and orange muffin this afternoon but I did go to the gym and anyway it was yum!
  7. Lemon and Orange muffin contains fruit 12th so I think it was a healthy thing to eat!
    Fiona weight is so much more than stones and pounds don't you think? I eat emotionally big time. Every emotion warrants a feast of some sort and I have to really stop myself from pigging. When I am in "diet mode" though I have to be rigid and follow the diet to the letter. I can't fall off the wagon at all other wise it's the end of the world but when I am in the zone I do really well.
    Fiona I hope you get in the zone soon (if you want to be of course)
    JRT (day one and no cheating hurrah!) x
  8. hello all,

    I posted right at the beginning of this thread but lost my way due to own lack of motivation. Finally joined a gym today and I feel very motivated to losing the 1 stone I have to lose before summer hols. I had such a rush of endorphins at the gym and feel like I would be happy to do it every day, i wish i could stop the evening snacking and wine tho...

  9. Not a great week! I had a car crash early last week, so have been at home, feeling sorry for myself and eating! Thankfully I am not seriously injured but bad enough to not be doing anything much - other than staying on the sofa and eating! Hopefully will be a bit better over the next few days so I can get back to the exercise and a better routine.
    Hope everyone else is okay and managing to enjoy half term!
  10. That's not good anotherteacher5. Hope you feel a lot better soon.
    Well I have been atrocious and have put on everything I've lost. Am fed up with my bowels!!! Going back to WW tonight though to face the shame and hopefully get back on track.
  11. notascientist!

    notascientist! New commenter

    Hi, I think I should join you all!
    I am 5ft11 (so NOT one of the shorties...[​IMG]) have no idea what I weigh, but know its too much - clothes in larger size etc...I am due to go on holiday to Turkey later this year and want to lose some weight so that I am more comfy around the pool, on beach etc. My main problem seems to be the tummy (have had heavy thighs for years, bat wings that could do with work too)
    I am also trying to get pregnant so want to tone up generally!
    My OH however is VERY overweight, miserable with it, but will not do anything - gets too depressed. I really need to be more careful, but don't want to seem as though criticising him. Trying to be healthier - did bit of Dance DVD earlier (rather complicated but will presevere!)
    I have done WW in the past and lost weight, but it has slowly reappeared. I think that might be the way to go though - off to look at their website.
    Good luck everyone - I really struggle in holidays - does anyone else? I'm trying to write reports but they are just so boring - really easy to graze.... [​IMG]
  12. Hi Notascientist, You sound just like me and my OH.
    I'm on the TTC thread but I think you're on the TTget pregnant aren't you? Have you been trying for long? I'm going to WW again tonight but think I have put on everything I've lost so far.

  13. notascientist!

    notascientist! New commenter

    I'm on the TTC thread on this bit (not pregancy) - can't remember which the name is - often read both so gets very confusing!
    We've been trying for just over a year - just started with tests at the doctors, as I am 37. Trying to relax and get on with other things though - the trip to Turkey has been 'off' for so long in my head, as I might not be able to go ... that it has been a real wake up to find that we are actually going. (long story but main reason for the trip is a friend's wedding)
    Good luck at WW - I'm off for a walk with my 2 dogs!

  14. Hi folks
    Came on here for more inspiration - started to lose weight ten weeks ago (yesterday) and have so far lost a stone - need to go about another six pounds. For what it's worth, this is my 'routine'
    1 - be completely OCD about it - I have a little notebook and note all food/calories - one page per day - and put my weight - I KNOW they say don't weigh yourself every day, but I find it helps.
    2 I have a graph paper and put it on that - and go to www.foodfocus.com and put it on that.
    3. Monday is my day for the 'little cross' on the graph.
    4. I text my sister and dieting friend daily to compare notes - it's a bit of a competition and morale boost
    5 Foods are as follows: breakfast - cup of tea and half a grapfruit
    lunch - massive salad made from: raw mushrooms, celery, peppers, lettuce, home-sprouted alfalfa, lentils, aduki beans and beanstprouts, half a tomato, floret of cauliflower, two teaspoons of toasted sesame and sunflower seeds, slug of balsamic, two tablespoons plain yofu (soya yohgurt), dill weed, salt, pepper, chunk of cucumber, tablespoon of raisins, 12 grapes, 2 dried apricots, bit of bottled ginger + anything else really low calorie you can think of. This makes up 2 of those plastic takeaway boxes (like you get at the indian) - have one for lunch and one as back up an know you can eat it, but if you don't, save it for tomorrow.
    Dinner - make up the following and keep in fridge to pick on when cooking rest of family's meal and for your dinner:
    • broccoli, aubergine, green beans, celery - 5 mins in microwave
    • courgette, mushrooms, peppers, - 3 mins in microwave
    • 2 tins tomatoes, salt, pepper, cummin, coriander, ginger, garam marsala, fresh chillies, turmeric,
    • Mix in a bowl and heat in microwave when you want to eat and add yofu and third of a banana. - very filling and if you make it too hot it takes ages to eat!! Ring the changes with a chilli or mediterranean version - but DON'T put in onions, garlic or leeks - I find the aftertaste gives you the munchies - big time.
    5 - factor wine into the calorie counting
    6 - allow yourself cheese/chocolate or whatever at the weekends only

    oh, and you can make a good tomato soup and croutons with tomato juice, salt and pepper, basil, oregano and break up some ryvita into it.

    7 - Sort out some Holy Grail Clothes - I have a pair of Levi's 501s which I need to get into and one or two other things - try them on every week or two.(when I started, the button and button hole were 5" apart - now I can (just) do up all the buttons - hopefully in about three weeks, I will be able to 'wear' them!)
    Watch the muffin top diminish and good luck.

  15. Oh, and I'm *** at excercise so don't do much - but don't forget that muscle is heavier than fat, so if you're doing loads, you are probably getting slimmer, just not lighter! - try on those HG clothes!!
  16. Welcome Cals and a massive well done for losing a stone. You seem really motivated.
    I just went back to WW after a REALLY bad week. Put 1 1/2 on but am feeling ok as was only to be expected. Got some medicine from the docs for my little constipation problem and is beginning to work. Will continue exercise x
  17. Try my recipe Jujubear and you won't have that problem, I can assure you!!!
  18. Oh, and thank you for the welcome!
  19. Oh, here's another tip\;
    If you have the time (ie you're just watching telly as opposed to working) when the 'danger hour' occurs, go and have a bath - take a cup of tea - or other drink - and wallow in the bath for an hour. By the time you get out and into your pyjamas, it'll nearly be bed time, so easier to avoid snacking and of course, you can't get at it whilst in the bath! Well, I find it helps anyway.
  20. Can I join??
    OK so.... I'm 20 years old, 5ft 2in and weighing in at 11 stone 8 at the moment. Far too much! It's the heaviest I've been for ages and I DON'T LIKE IT!!!!! I'm 21 in October and want to look good for my birthday; as well as getting healthier and looking nicer for my boyfriend though he says I'm fine but you know when you know in yourself if that makes sense?
    Also due to have interviews for PGCE/GTP/NTTP this coming autumn and want to feel nice in a suit instead of feeling a) like a little kid dressed up and b) slightly like a transvestite?!
    The diet (Weight Watchers system @ home) and fitness regime started yesterday.
    Diet : x2 Weetabixs with Semi-skimmed milk, Chicken and Country Vegetable Soup, Pitta Bread, Ryvita Sunbites, Breaded Cod and Salad, Blackcurrent & Mango Sorbet with lots of Jelly, Hot Chocolate - all that and still had 1.5 points left.
    Fitness : 2 miles on treadmill running, going up hill and down dale. Lots of arm thingys with weights and 100 step ups.
    Quite proud of myself! Although had to laugh : I'm obviously not designed to wear trainers got a mahoosive blister on my foot and now can't get my trainer on my foot!
    Thanks for letting me gatecrash!
    Good Luck All
    Rach x

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