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want to lose weight for summer hols

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by beckie99, May 4, 2009.

  1. Were you near Oxford Street? Next time pop down Deane Street to Red Veg (opposite side to Tesco) - it's a little veggie burger place and it's AWESOME!
  2. Had lunch out with my dieting freind yesterday and we shared a goat's cheese salad - how good are we?! Was good last night too, so am revelling in the lost pound this morning. Trouble is, it's a horrid day and the kitchen will beckon all day! Must be good so can stuff myself on my holidays!
    Hope you are all doing well - it is difficult in this weather, isn't it!
  3. friend!
  4. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    I would be beside myself! Sharing a salad? First of all, a bowl full of leaves is not my idea of filling anyway - but sharing this with my friend?! And the goat's cheese is not actually very good for you at all - full of fat.
    I think it's bonkers weighing yourself everyday! It's great when you feel you've lost something and I suppose it must give you a boost, but having being obsessed with weighing myself in the past, I know for me that it would just drive me mental. The main issue for me with dieting is that I hate making food and thoughts of food the centre of my universe, as well as the need to weigh myself all the time. I used to do it everyday and if I lost a pound I'd feel good, but if that pound was back on the next day, I'd feel terrible. I actually stopped weighing myself all together, but measure myself every few weeks - it's great to see the inches going.

  5. I luuuuurve goat's cheese. I also love salad - and this was full of rocket - yummy! Chevre is actually only about 80 calories an ounce - pretty low for cheese. And it's not as if you get loads in these eateries!
    I'm bonkers then! But it works for me, so I'm happy with that. When I stop weighing myself I shoot up. I don't bother measuring but do try on clothes that I have that I know fit me at a level I'm happy with - eg the HG Jeans, which I am on the verge of being able to wear. The button and button hole were 5" apart when I started this diet!
    Actually, I think that food is pretty close to the centre of my universe. They say the English eat to live but the French live to eat - I must have some french in me!
    And my walking boots have just arrived - yippee!! I'm going to put them on and walk to Sainsbury's to buy some goat's cheese and rocket - our rocket didn't come up at the allotment - or the slugs had it!!
  6. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    Sorry, you seem to have taken my post rather personally. I was being light-hearted, I wasn't suggesting you were actually mental, I just was saying that I personally find it bonkers to weigh myself every day.
    Just because someone perhaps mentions a disagreement with your way of doing things doesn't mean you have to come out all defensive with the "I'm going to do things the way I am happy...." etc. I'm not suggestiong you change what you are doing at all - do what you like. I just enjoy putting forward what I think and reading what others say. Sometimes I think those people are a bit bonkers for doing what they are doing - I don't mind saying so, it's just a bit of fun, in my eyes anyway. I don't actually know you nor you me, so anything said to each other is inconsequential outside of TES world.
    Actually, that said, I'm not sure why I bother. Perhaps I'm the insane one for writing on TES at all.
  7. This is the trouble with texting, emailing and 'threading' - one can't read or write that one is being light-hearted! I sort of try with my exclamation marks, but they obviously don't work! I was being light-hearted too, Eva. I'm not offended in the slightest. I'm far too long in the tooth for that! I'd be the first to admit to being bonkers! Or my husband. Perhaps I should use these: [​IMG] - hope that's the right one. And any excuse to eat a bit of goat's cheese - or any other cheese for that matter!
    I am healthy in that I love salads and vegetables, but not in that I also love wine, beer, chocolate and can't stand exercise. I eat too much and then pay for it when my clothes no longer fit. And so the 'circle of bonkers' continues.
    I don't dislike a good arguement, but I'm not arguing! As you say, it's all inconsequential anyway, but a good way to while away a misrable wet summer morning.
    So, what are you having for lunch?
  8. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    I'm always so amused by my mother who moans that she wants to lose weight but then does very little about it. Basically, she wants to suddenly wake up one morning 2 stone lighter without having actually done anything to achieve it. She won't join a gym, take up swimming or go out walking at the weekends. There's always a reason why she can't fit exercise into her life: too tired after work; too busy on her days off (she works part-time); no suitable times for her to swim at the local pool.... My argument is that if you want to lose weight badly enough, you have to make changes. You HAVE to get your tired **** to the gym at weekends, or take the dog on long walks, or playing squash twice and week religiously if you are serious about losing weight!
    This is partly the reason that I'm in love with my personal trainers 'new' way of getting me in shape. I don't mind going to the gym after work, or popping back out after dinner in the evenings because I know I'm only going to be there for half an hour. Yes I have to sweat it out and it can be the last thing I feel like doing, but if I want to reach my goals, I have to sacrifice a little bit and expect to work hard - if it was so easy, everyone would be a size 8!
    Today, my food is as follows. Breakfast this morning was weetabix with some strawberries and natural yoghurt. For lunch, I think I'm going to have some homemade vegetable soup leftover from yesterday with some bread for dipping - yummmm! Dinner tonight is going to be Chicken Paprika, which is my own invented recipe, low cals and fat and totally delicious (if I do say so myself - I love inventing recipes, but sometimes it ends in disaster! Happily, this is one of ther ecipes that works every time.
  9. Well, as I said to my friend yesterday, who is in a running club 'I wish I liked running, but I've tried it and hate it. Swimming is too expensive to do too often - and such a faff with the changing and everything. Gym? No way Jose for me I'm afraid, and we don't have a dog. Used to do lots of walking on the Moors when my husband's job didn't actually involve him having to do that. Will walk when we go on holiday. Yes, I am a big fat lazy bag (well, not fat really, just have a (shrinking) muffin top!) In fact, just noticed that the jumper I'm wearing that I bought in New Look from the sale rail a while ago, is not, as I had thought, size 11.- 12 but age 11 - 12!!! And I used to have a very physical job and cycled to work every day. Now I just use the bike to go into town etc.
    Just had a really scrummy lunch with rocket, roasted (well, grilled) red peppers, chevre, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Tonight will be leftover veg/pasta sauce from last night.
  10. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    If you don't fancy exercising, that's your decision. I hate running too! I've simply never been able to do it. Even as a teenager when I was a dancer and incredibly, super-dooper fit, I couldn't run for a bus!
    I find exercising a pain in the backside sometimes. However, whilst I know I could probably lose a few pounds by watching what I eat (calorie counting and such like) I have also - after several years so having a crappy relationship with food and dieting - come to realise that, lose pounds I may, but my ultimate goal is to be healthy. At the end of the day, it had to be accepted that my vanity needed to take second place over health. Fortunately, a happy side effect of good health and fitness is often weight-loss, toning. fat-loss and lean muscle development. This therefore satisfies the vain side of me that wants to lose weight and look good.
    Ultimately though, I think that for my own sanity, it's important for me to be able to tell I'm getting fitter and healthier. I am able to perform exercises more efficiently; I can swim those extra ten lengths in 30 minutes that I couldn't swim a few months ago; I can cycle to the top of that hill without stopping; I made it over that bl00dy overhanging wall at the climbing centre....all of these are far more positive achievements for me than getting on the scales all the times and wishes away the pounds. Happily, and side-effect of these achievements is that I've usually lost weight whilst achieving them.
    I know that some people are looking at this differently: they want to lose the weight and look slimmer then they'll start thinking about the fitness side of things, but their main goal is the confidence they feel they'll gain from weightloss. I gain much more confidence from gaining fitness. The two go hand in hand for me and I can't separate one from the other. In the end, weightloss, and sustainable weightloss, is about a lifestyle change and it involves more than just food. As we know, the size 8 woman who doesn't appear to have a scrap of fat on her (NOT anorexic, that's a different ball game, I'm talking just an apparently very slim person) is not necessarily the figure of health she appears to be. Conversely, of course, many people who are not your perfect size 8-10 are much fitter than they appear. My year 10s eye boggled at the suggestion that I was taking a group of kids rock climbing during school activities week: "You? You, Miss? You can climb?" A slim person can have as high a body fat percentage as someone who is 4 dress sizes bigger than them. Therefore, they can be just as unhealthy. With a body fat percentage of 30%+ you are at increased risk of heart disease, diabetes and other illnesses. This is what I am working to improve upon as I know that this is far more important than my vanity of my desire to see the scales read a few pounds less.
    I do quite enjoy going to the gym, but I do other formss of exercise too. I like to cycle, I walk to my parents house on Sundays (about 3.5 miles round trip) weather permitting, I like to rock climbing and occasionally I go for a good long walk in the hills - I don't have a dog either.
  11. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    Oooh, I also love yoga. I have just done a session of yoga in my living room and I love it. It's a great way to either really relax, or really energise yourself depending on what you do. I really great. I might go for a swim soon as well, to continue to relaxing theme (I find swimming a great form of exercise because it just doesn't feel like hard-work since you don't really sweat!).
  12. I'm a very bad person Eva! I know it. I consider myself well and truly lectured! Won't change though! Too lazy. Think I'll go and make another cup of tea. I've done sod all today (apart from my walk to Sainsbury's). Feel quite guilty. Have been reading this thread:
    Now that's more me!
    Did yoga at college (many moons ago) and it was great - but I think that had more to do with something we had partaken of prior to the yoga class! The floating sensation was great!
    I do like swimming ocassionally - I get quite a few lengths in when we go with our son. Trouble is, you get out of the pool and you're starving and want a Kitkat!!
    Had a very hilarious moment when I went to aerobics with a friend once and neither of us had done any for years. We did two hours and our legs went so wobbly on the way back, we looked as if we were drunk!!
    Having seen Madonna's arms, I think I may be right about this exercise malarky!

  13. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    I wasn't lecturing you, Cals, I was explaining what led me to begin believing that exercising was the way forward. You can do what you like.

    I think it's a bad idea to let Madonna convince you that exercise is no good, or to convince you on anything for that matter.... she's clearly a nutcase!
  14. Aaarghh! Don't be so serious Eva!!!
    Why don't they do a 'tongue-in-cheek' smiley?
  15. Actually, I'm in desperate need of a good boogie. That's the sort of exercise I like! Son is playing 'dance music' in his room and I just want to freak out!!!!!! (But I will embarass him)
  16. Go for it cals!
    I exercise because it makes me feel good, so I make sure it is always something that will have that effect!
  17. Oh, I just love it! Far too old - but don't care. I'm sure my friend and I are invited to parties just because we get the dancing going - well, in some instances we've actually been more or less told so! Friend is coming back from holiday this weekend - hope we can go out before I go. Husband rarely boogies these days. Don't men understand - it gets you in the mood!!!
  18. 10 stone 8 here
  19. Oh dear. Had a holiday day - went to Spitchwick for the day (Dartmoor) and picnic and ate, amongst other things, an enormous amount of Kitkats (£1.00 for 9 in Tesco) that melted in the sun - yum! Plus loads of other picnic food including the 'sensible' stuff my son didn't want and I didn't push as we were 'on holiday for the day' and had an ulterior motive" Still, did play (sort of) cricket and did 6 hand stands - I'm knackered now.
    Now, where's that wine...
  20. EmiW

    EmiW New commenter

    Hope everyone else is still enjoying the summer! Came back from holiday to find that I haven't actually put on any weight whilst I was away. Despite having wine with dinner every night. I suppose I didn't actually eat that unhealthily - I had salad or veg with every meal.
    Been to the gym this morning, and I have started a new weights routine as well as some high intensity cardio. I was getting discouraged but after looking at the holiday snaps, I think I do actually look a bit slimmer.
    Hope you are all getting on well!

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