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want to lose weight for summer hols

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by beckie99, May 4, 2009.

  1. i'm over 11 stone and desperate!
    i wanna lose 2 and a half stone and i'm starting today, with the aim of losing most/all of it in time for summer hols and bikini time so who's joining me for support?
  2. There are 12 weeks ish until the summer holidays... What you're planning is suicide. After teh initial week then you can expect to lose 1-2 pounds a week so in 2 weeks you're looking at 20lbs ish allowing for a few wobbles along the way. I suggest a sensible programme like Weight Watchers or Slimming World.
  3. i don't really get what you're saying sorry, 2 stone is 28 pounds, if there are 12 weeks until summer and at a loss of 2lbs a week that's 24 pounds so that's most of it, even if i said i want to lose maybe 3 pounds for some of the weeks then i could do it and how would that be suicide, i'm not trying to be negative at all but i do think sometimes people exaggerate a bit! to me losing 2 stone in 12 weeks is my aim, i might not quite make it but i won't do myself any harm in the process.
  4. 1100 calories a day is not healthy and will cause you to put on weight when your body panics and goes into starvation mode.
    2 stone in 12 weeks is also quite unrealistic and if it is achieved will not be maintainable. If you are happy to pile on the pounds as soon as you start eating 'normally' again then by all means go for it.
  5. EmiW

    EmiW New commenter

    Just repeating what's been said above - don't eat too little, it makes your metabolism slow right down.
    To lose a pound of weight, you need (on average) to either burn 3500 cals on exercise, or eat 3500 less. So to lose 3 pounds in one week, as you mentioned, you would need to burn 10500 cals one week at the gym! That's not sustainable, for those of us that aren't professional athletes!
    I didn't mean to sound discouraging, and 12 weeks is plenty of time to lose some weight, tone up and get healthy, but don't set unrealistic goals, or you'll end up ill!
  6. Setting unrealistic goals will also make you more likely to fail.
  7. Well been back to WW toinght and actually lost 4 lbs. I know this is unusual and think body was in shock from new regime and actual exercise! I expect to lose between 1 and 2 lb a week from now on. Am trying for a baby so definitely not going to be silly. Hope everyone else is fairing well. x
  8. Well done jujubear and Beckie!

    I wish I could run, it just doesn't come naturally to me :( Been for 2 power walks this week and have been healthy eating(for the most part) Unfortunately i've had a few glasses of vino which I think is my biggest downfall...grrr! However, I've booked a gym induction for mid week next week, I know that is the best way I can lose the extra pounds. I did it quite intensively about a year and a half ago...hope to be able to lose half a stone before the end of July.

    Have a a lovely weekend everyone! x

  9. Well am gutted. Actually put on half a pound [​IMG] as sitting down all day etc.
    How's everyone else going?
  10. dgg


    Not doing too bad, been swimming today and yoga yesterday, which I know isnt a major work out but its more than I usually do
    Food for yest:
    porrige with skimmed milk
    snack a jacks salt and vinager
    jacket potato and butter salad
    fruit smoothie
    vegatable chilli with wholemeal rice
    tube smarties

    Im alwys ok the 'fisr week' its just keeping it up after 2 or 3 Im **** at..........so determind to do it this time! Sick of being fat!

    Hows everyone else doing?
  11. Hi everyone!
    Well, I have struggled a bit today. I don't know why, but I have been so hungry all day today! Am waiting for OH to get home so we can have dinner but have already had loads of snacks. Why is it some days you are just so hungry?
    Also haven't made it to the gym because I have been so tired from work. Really must get myself into the routine of going.
    dgg - you seem to be doing well - well done. I know what you mean about being able to keep to it for the first few weeks, it is after then that the support on here will become invaluable.
    How is everyone else doing?

  12. dgg


    Still being okish..........although had blueberry muffins yesterday but it was within my points! Gutted coz I cant get on th weight watchers website for some reason - cant get past the home page - was like this yesterday.......so cant work out points of things and log it! Anyone else use the website?
    Food yest:
    rice krispies and skimmed milk, OJ
    Fruit smoothie
    Crumpet with butter
    Snack a jacks salt and vinager
    Jacket potato with butter and loads of salad
    blueberry muffin

    So far today:

    rice krispies and skimmed milk, OJ
    Crumpet and butter
    Boots salt and vinager sticks
    Veggie pattie in a pitta with salad and spicy rice from nandos yey!

    Went swimming yesterday did 30 lengths which I was proud of.

    Hoep ur all ok!
  13. Well today I have done my exercise video and did get out of breath which apparently is good, lol. Also took mum's dog for a walk and then walked around town.
    I have had a glass of juice, half a grapefruit, branflakes and milk, ham and salad pitta,quorn and veg strogonoff and rice and a chocolate mousse. No-one can say I'm starving myself!
    One thing I am annoyed about is I chose water flavoured with lemon and lime in a cafe and it was 2 and 1/2 points. Should have stuck to diet coke.

  14. -3lbs! More than I expected! Have been enjoying a variety of different cereals and lots of fruit and normal meals in the evenings - though I am trying to be more aware of how much I put on my plate. I realise I almost always over eat and my doc said portion control would be the key. I just like my food too much!
    Hope you are all doing okay and keep it up over the weekend!
  15. That's brilliant news. Well done. Thought I was going to be the only one putting my progress on here!
    I do actually eat a lot better when I do this and more interesting food so really must keep it up. Did exercise DVD again yesterday. Was going to do it again today but my bum aches and I'm doing an aerial extreme thing tomorrow. I want to be able to move my limbs properly so I don't fall from a great height. [​IMG]. Weighed myself this morning (naked) and was under 9 stone which was good.
    Hope everyone else still at it. x

  16. dgg


    wow well done 3lb is amazing! Keep doing whatever youre doing! Im still pretty much on track, find it harder at the weekend though.....more time to think about eating I think! lol
    Trying not to drink this weekend too, I think it will make all the difference.......

    Keep it up everyone, nice to hear how others are gettin on [​IMG]

  17. Hi!
    Well done, 3lbs is amazing! Hope you can keep it up. [​IMG]
    Unfortunately I have not lost a thing! Mind you, I didn't put anything on either but still would have been nice to lose something. My own fault though, didn't get to the gym.
    Am going to try and get to the gym next week and be a bit stricter on what I am eating and stop eating stuff for the sake of it. I have got rid of most of the snacks out of the house now so that should help.
    Take care everyone.
  18. That is incredible - bet you are made up!
    I was unable to go to the loo all of last week (sorry far TMI!) but anyway, the problem was, erm, "resolved" over the weekend. Suffice to say I am 3lbs lighter as well!
    I have eaten well, but haven't done as much exercise as I'd have liked. I have been to the gym Thursday Friday and yesterday but not done as much as I normally do - never mind! Let's hope I have lost some on Wed.
  19. I recommend Solero minis - only 55 Kcals each! (Also trying to lose weight for summer)
  20. Am really struggling to lose my last 10 pounds. Have lost 24 lbs over the past few months and have just booked a holiday in the holidays, so really have to get it done!! 8 weeks to go!

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