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Want to buy a new computer. Suggestions please.

Discussion in 'Personal' started by saz0908, Dec 27, 2010.

  1. We really need a new desktop computer and went out looking today in all the usual places.
    We were quite taken with an all in one pc by dell with touch screen.
    Can anyone tell me if it's any good or have any other suggestions.
  2. I have decided against an Ipad and have been looking at Tesco for Dell Inspiron 1545 at 400. Lappy though.
  3. Why do you want a desktop? I can't imagine using a desktop at home again when a laptop does everything I want in a nice, compact package. Same sort of money, too.
  4. iMac, it won't break.
  5. Pound for pound you get a hell of a lot more from a desktop than a laptop. 'Web User' magazine has an excellent article comparing sub £600 desktops this month. Their winner is an unbelievable machine for the money and will truly 'futureproof' you with an i3 processor etc. It's called the 'Chillblast Fusion Rapier' for £586 from www.chillblast.co
    Comes with 2 year collect and return guarantee as well. That's honestly the machine I'd get if I was buying a new machine. Lightning quick.
  6. Sorry www.chillblast.com
  7. Alena

    Alena New commenter

    Having used a windows pc, laptop, Mac and IPad I would go for a Mac or IPad everytime.

    Much quicker, far less likely to suffer viruses and just so much easier to use.

  8. Sorry but, with respect, this isn't true any more. Once, yes. If you buy two similar spec machines now (not ones bought a while ago) it's just not the case. But this runs the risk of turning into another benile and ill-informed Mac vs PC debate, which is not what the OP posted for so I'll duck out.
  9. Alena

    Alena New commenter

    Actually Leatherpatches if you look at the title the phrase 'suggestions please' does kind of imply that the poster was looking for opinions and suggestions which is exactly what I gave. I have not posted on this site for a while and it is precisely because of rude responses like the one you have just given that will ensure I don't bother again. Feel free to disagree but your lack of manners and politeness is uncalled for.

  10. It depends on how much you intend to spend, in my opinion.I think that you get diminishing returns with a more powerful desktop these days if all you use it for is looking at internet pages and producing word documents.
    I've been running Linux Mint on my desktop recently and find it better than windows. It's free.
    I think I would buy the machine on offer by ebuyer for £220 without an operating system and install Mint. You can buy a decent 19" screen for £85 and so have a complete system for under three hundred.
  11. Doitforfree

    Doitforfree Star commenter

    All ours cost next to nothing on ebay. The one I'm using is huge (in hardware terms, not physical size!) and cost about £40. The flat screen cost about £30 and the keyboard and mouse were free with it. I don't know why people spend huge amounts on new computers. Buy a nearly new one and you can have a holiday as well!
  12. I agree to some extent-I'm typing this on an IBM T43 that I bought second hand on ebay.
    However, you're not likely to get a one year guarantee if you buy second hand on ebay.
  13. I'll deal with the above and then answer the OP's question. Buy two similar spec'd machines now and you will find there is little difference between their relative performance. However, I will point you to the fact that my three year old iMac still books from off to fully on in just under a minute and shuts down from fully on to fully off in six seconds. No PC can match that. However, I don't suppose that relative start and close speeds are an issue for most people. And, yes a Mac is much less likely to suffer from viruses: it's not immune to them but 'much less likely'. Take appropriate action and be sensible and it matters not if you use a Mac or PC but the fact remains. I'm also not sure about PC's being future proofed: it sounds a bit too much like hyperbole to me. I have friends who are looking at replacing their PCs at the moment. They had their machines for three years and they are throwing up all sorts of problems etc.. My three year old Mac will take the next upgrade to the Mac operating system next year. It won't (I suspect) take the one after which will mean that by the time I replace my computer, I'll have had it for five, nearly six, years. Most PC users get through two machines in that time. Say they spend about £600 on a desktop, they'll have spent £1200 in the time that I have spent £1200. So, my recommendation would be to look at a Mac. The middle of the range 27" iMac would be my suggestion. Yes, it's just over £1,300 but you would probably spend that over the lifespan of two desktop PCs. I'd be inclined to give touch screen desktops a wide berth: it won't be comfortable to lift your arm, stab the screen and do things like that. You'll still find yourself reaching for mouse or trackpad. Ergonomically it's all wrong to me. Have a play with a Mac and see what it's like. If you live near to a Mac store, not only can you play but if you went with a Mac, there is free advice and they will even help you migrate your files to a Mac. And, I'll pre-empt this one, you can get MS Office for Mac if you really feel you don't want to live without it or are the kind of person who doesn't like getting to grips with new programs etc.. I'll also add that John Lewis are an authorised Mac seller. If you do want to stay with a Windows PC, I'd be inclined to look at Acer and Sony Vaio machines - which were the PC machines I used the most before making the switch to Mac.
  14. Gosh! Took so long typing that that three posts appeared in the time it took!
  15. Mangleworzle

    Mangleworzle Star commenter

    My last three have been Dells and I bought my son a laptop for Uni this year. never had a problem with them and always very pleased. I like the way you can get a stock model and then upgrade it how you want. I usually get a powerful business model and then upgrade the graphics card to deal with two screens and because I spend a lot of time with pictures, a big hard-drive helps future-proof it too.
    I also usually double the memory after about year when the prices have gone down, much easier and cheaper with a desktop than laptop.
    Apples always seem like style over substance to me at an inflated price too. I usually upgrade software when I upgrade the computer spending nearly as much again, last time I looked the Apple version of the software I wanted was about 50% extra for no particular reason. As for viuses I've never had one in about 10 years of home computing - don't believe there aren't Apple viruses, there are.
    The only thing I would take issue with is a touch-screen, it'd drive me mad with all the greasy finger prints and doesn't sound very comfortable to use. Then again I am quite "traditional" I like a nice big quality keyboard, wireless mouse and two widescreen monitors.
  16. Thankyou all for your suggestions and opinions. I knew the posters on here wouldn't let me down.
    Think I might have to go and play with a mac.
  17. Please stop: I'm welling up here.
  18. If you live near an apple store they give great service. My mam got a windows laptop for Christmas last year and it broke so that she couldnt do the wages for her staff. And then cost more than the machine to get it fixed. She doesnt know about anti virus software... My mac laptop is 6 years old and mr sides iMac is 7 and they do everything we need, it just needs rebooting a bit more often then it used to, say once a month instead of once every 4 months. although we have other machines too.
  19. Depends on what you want to do with the PC. If you're just wanting to bang out stuff on Office and watch the odd thing on iPlayer - pretty much anything will do, and you might want to think about the laptop thing. If you're wanting (or you've got a small person who'll be wanting) to do things like play games on it - that's when it gets more expensive and picky. I've got a laptop and netbook - but I still use my desktop a heck of a lot for gaming and graphic work. In those cases - read up on the rankings of graphics cards and avoid anything with the "integrated graphics" malarky in descriptions - as they'll generally be poo. That's the major thing I look for - decent graphics, processor and memory - I don't tend to get massively swayed by ridiculously sized hard drives as even being a habitual downloader of music - I haven't filled the 6 gig hard drive on my laptop yet - let alone the 300 or whatever it is gig on my desktop.
    I've got a Dell netbook, first time I've bought the brand, and to be honest I'm not massively impressed (ok ok I bought it because it was a pretty colour)... it's never ever ever shut down properly in all the time I've owned it - I expect PCs to develop quirks over time as I own them (I'm not the kindest PC owner) but I do expect a clean shutdown out of the box on a factory install. Another friend's just sworn off Dell laptops for life after going through about 5 in 2 years with them failing on him. Then again - other people swear by the brand.
    As for Apple/Windows - I've used both (haven't used Apples in a few years since the cat kicked my mum's old laptop off the dining table and it didn't survive the descent), I personally prefer Windows since I know where I am and generally I can fix most problems with it pretty easily, but that's just me. People tend to get a bit fanatical about Apple.
    I've currently got an Acer ... year or so old now but still running fantastically, runs the odd games I play on it blooming well and is still pretty flipping fast (to the point where I'm not yet looking lustfully at newer PCs which I tend to do a day or so after buying a computer). I alpha/beta tested a new fairly graphically demanding game recently and it coped fine with that - even with completely unoptimised code.
    Oh if it includes the words Windows Vista... run far, far away. Vista was like a very beautifully painted turd.

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