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want a new job but not having a great year sickness wise..

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by little_miss_teach, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. little_miss_teach

    little_miss_teach New commenter

    I moved schools in September and it is the biggest mistake ever. Whilst the previous two years I had struggled with depression I had got it under control and my attendance etc was improving and the school was more than satisfied with my performance (excellent references and have agreed to do so again for me).
    However this year has gone from bad to worse. I was off before october half term and struggled through to christmas with days off. The doctor signed me off with anxiety last half term and having got back into work I am now surviving on the mentality of making it through to summer. The school is not for me at all; I do not want to bad mouth the place so will not explain it all but I have to leave for my health (I am by no means the only one in school like this).
    After Easter I am proposing to move back to the region I was in and face the 50 mile commute to be nearer my friends for support as part of the problem is i am isolated here and very lonely when feeling stressed and down.
    My main concern is my sickness record when applying for jobs. Do I approach it in my letter and if so how? I assume they will ask it in the references from my current school?
    Has anyone been off and managed to get a new job?
    I used to love teaching and felt like it was my calling and I was good at it but my confidence is low and worrying about finding a new job isn't helping. I want to be back enjoying teaching is it worth explaining this to a school. I know that despite being off my current head of dep has said positive things about my teaching and i have two good/ excellent observations at this school. I also know my old head of dep and deputy head will provide good references. Do i stand a chance ?
    Any answers, help, advice appreciated
  2. dusty67

    dusty67 New commenter

    Under new legislation around disability discrimination, you are now no longer required to "declare" any sickness absences and the school you apply to can not request that information as part of your reference
  3. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    They can ask how many days off you've had in total, however - they just can't make the school specify the sick days.
    Not difficult to find out who's been off sick a lot then, is it?
  4. little_miss_teach

    little_miss_teach New commenter

    Would it be wise for you to approach the issue first and explain or just leave it to show up?

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