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Wales - supply - do I need to register with GTC Wales and refresher

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by BrandyOWhine, Mar 21, 2016.

  1. BrandyOWhine

    BrandyOWhine New commenter

    I'm new to Wales and will be looking for supply later in the year.
    Do I need to (a) register with the EWC Wales and (b) do the 'period of updating' as I have not taught British curriculum for 5 years. I did do an updating 2012 but family circumstances meant I was unable to proceed with teaching at that point.
    I have a current enhanced DBS.
  2. heva88

    heva88 New commenter

    I'm currently in Cardiff. Yes you will need to sign up with the EWC even if you have membership with GTC in England currently. I don't know about the period of updating though as I started work as an NQT. In Wales however you can complete your NQT through day to day, so if you need to do something similar for the updating period (i'm not actually aware of what this is) then you will be able to do it through day to day too.

    Is your DBS an online version? If not you will be required to get a new one regardless of your existing DBS with any new agency. If its the online version then you will be able to update it to include cover through the new agency.

    Hope some of that helps you.
  3. BrandyOWhine

    BrandyOWhine New commenter

    Hi thanks that's great info. (No GTC in England now). I have QTS from years ago, Wales has a rule that if you haven't taught for 5 years you have to do an updating period of 10 days. I need to check out more what is involved in that.
    Yes, my DBS is online version thank goodness!

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