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waking up at night- questions?

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by EBC, May 8, 2011.

  1. EBC

    EBC New commenter

    Hi all,
    My little girl is 18 weeks, usually a good, calm baby. From about 3 months she began to sleep from about 7pm- 6am, with only a moan once or twice at 4/5am.
    She recently had a bout of tough teething and then a cold, but for the last 3 weeks, she goes to sleep at a reasonable time of 7 - 7.30pm, after a bath and about 7oz. She doesn't sleep for long during the day, but has also in the last 3 weeks- started to fall asleep at 4.30pm for about half an hour- this is new.
    Now, when she goes down at 7 - 7.30pm, she will sleep beautifully til about 2am, and then from then on- every half an hour or so, she moans, groans, till I put her dummy back in and a little stroke of her forehead. Back to sleep then half an hour later, another moan. She doesn't fully wake but will if I leave her to moan and wake herself up.
    So, what's this all about?? Is she hungry? But then again- she sleeps all the way through usually.
    Is it the dummy? It falls out and she still sleeps, then something disturbs her maybe and realises its gone?
    Not cold, not hot- she seems fine. Is she hungry for solids? Will that help?
    Advice please.
  2. There is generally quite a big sleep regression around 4 months, which is often misinterpreted as a need for solids. It's linked to the big developmental leaps they make around this time. Ours went from sleeping for 8 hours to waking every two hours or more. It lasted about 5 weeks but we're back to only two wake ups at roughly 2 and 5am and she's also decided to move her bedtime earlier by about 90 minutes. It will pass. It's abnormal for babies this young to sleep through the night, so don't worry too much! Having said that, I think 'they' define sleeping through as 5 hours or more so technically your LO is, although it doesn't feel like it!

    I can't get the link to paste from my phone but if you google Moxie Sleep Regression you'll find an article on 4 month sleep that I found quite helpful in explaining what's going on.
  3. My LO slept through from 8 weeks to about 16 weeks (and I mean proper sleeping through- 7 til 7) but hasn't done since and she's now 24 weeks. Sometimes she wakes to play around, sometimes needs reassuring but often now she needs a feed in the early morning- 4 or 5 but then goes back to sleep. And she's on 3 solid meals a day so I have no idea why! I just feed her and put her back to bed and try not to worry about it and tell myself she won't want it forever. If you are getting no sleep from 2 onwards I would try feeding her, it might help her go back to sleep properly.
  4. EBC

    EBC New commenter

    Hmmm, okay now i feel a bit better, more reassured. I thought giving her milk in the early mornings would start her off on a bad habit?
    I dont want to say it but...Gina Ford....and believe me, i havent followed her just googled sleep advice- She says feed baby at 10-11pm but my LO is fast asleep at this time.
    confused and tired.com
  5. Not read GF but is she recommending a dream feed? I know some folks on the Winter 10/11 thread give dream feeds successfully :) We never managed it as I couldn't wedge my boob in her mouth while she was asleep, haha. It's perfectly plausible that your LO is hungry in the early hours - I know my milk monster is as she takes full feeds at 2 and 5. I think this is partly because now she is so excitable in the daytime that eating becomes secondary to shouting so she's not having as much!
    You could try offering a bottle at 2 and seeing if that helps to go back down? I can understand your worry about habits but getting up once for a bottle instead of 6 times for resettling might lead to better quality sleep for you both. Any habit can be broken further down the line [​IMG] Could you go to bed when she does a couple of times this week to try and catch up on sleep? I'm planning to do that a couple of nights to make sure I get a decent block of uninterrupted sleep.
  6. EBC

    EBC New commenter

    Bunique- That same morning you mentioned it- another friend mentioned the same 4 month regression. I looked on Amazon and then ordered the book. It makes sense.
    Last night she slept like an angel! Now it could be the baby massage in the morning or the trip to a shopping centre in the afternoon- but she slept well. I fed her again at 9pm.or could it be that she's moved passed the stage??
    Not sure but we'll have to see how tonight goes.
  7. Hi,
    I can really relate to this post as we went through the exact same thing! My LO is 7 months now and sleeps from 7 until 6.30...however she regressed badly around 4 months too. I posted on here to see if anyone had any tips to keep dummy in, give up dummy etc. She was waking from around 2ish every 45 mins or so, grizzling for her dummy but not waking as you said.
    Im afraid I dont have any advice except to ride it out! It didnt last all that long with my LO, around a month....but it does feel a long time! We have dreamfed since 3 months and have never had to feed her in night or even as soon as she wakes up since then so it could be worth a try.
    Good luck, and it does pass!

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