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Waiting three months for a reference from school

Discussion in 'Career clinic' started by gervice, Nov 2, 2017.

  1. gervice

    gervice New commenter

    Hi all,

    I have recently qualified as a TA level 3 following a career break , having done my PGCE (adult and further ed)and a degree as well as a Celta4 and a masters in history. I did two years on a work placement in a primary school one day a week. I have now registered with a teaching agency but it is now three months and the agency are STILL awaiting references back from the school.
    I messaged the person in question and begged a referenced and they told me that it wouldn't be a problem it was fine , but I am still waiting for it - i have now been asked by the agency to contact the school direct as they have had no luck as they left message after message. My message was ignored and now i have written to the HEAD to ask him directly. This is disgusting as the messages have been IGNORED - after I did two years off my own back as a volunteer. I do know one of the governors of the school whom I feel I should contact as she was the head of another school when my children were young (they are now in their late 20s) and she always asks about the children when I see her around .
    Any advice appreciated as i feel I will be working as a cleaning lady for the rest of my life despite have a masters degree I am having the door slammed in my face (yet again ) , I did my PGCE and then had a child so never got off the ground with my career .
  2. missteach2005

    missteach2005 New commenter

    Have you tried phoning too? Maybe email and add your union into the email too so they can see what is hallebeing.
  3. pickles124

    pickles124 Established commenter

    Ive messaged you.
  4. pickles124

    pickles124 Established commenter

    Gervice-any updates on your situation?

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