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Waiting for the phone to ring

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by harry1978, May 9, 2011.

  1. You're not the only one.In fact I have 0 days for nigh on 6 weeks now. I really want to work again but the demand for supply teachers just is not there (where I am).
    Putting all my efforts to secure a permanent position from September - but yet to hear back from these. I have applied to quite a few and they don't even bother replying. Also noticed that the vacancies popping out, are the schools that have notoriously bad behaviour from pupils. I know this because I have had the misfortune to do at least a day of supply in them.
    Have you thought of signing on and getting help?
  2. I joined an agency just before the holidays and was told I would be working as soon the children were back after Easter. I've been up at 7 and ready to go every morning but no calls so far, except for work in an after school club which I declined. It's early days though and I'm hoping that once I get some work it will keep coming!
  3. historygrump

    historygrump Star commenter Forum guide

    Things usually gets quiet this time of year, but usually there is some work in primary schools, but it is seriously dead, I am close to giving up and I agree with the early post, that applying for jobs is hard work, due to the lack of interview offers or even replies saying thanks, but no thanks, it does get you down and I for one question, if I have a future in education.
  4. Ditto here, have not worked for weeks now. I did get a call this morning, at 9.35, for a school nearly an hour away. I said I would be there asap, but then the agency said that they wanted someone there by 10am! Erm, a little impossible for me! Why did they bother to ring me knowing I wouldn't be able to go anyway?? Grrrrrrrr!
  5. Sometimes, what one is being offered is just not worth it. On Monday I was offered five, separate half days exam invigilation at £7 ph. The school, however, was over twenty miles distant, so after paying for petrol, what would be left?
  6. I can completely understand all of your frustrations. I graduated in September 2008 and, as yet, remain an NQT. I have had several long-term supply positions, meaning I've completed 1.5 terms of my induction. Luckily for me (and unusually luckily, I must add) I finished one job before Easter, and started this new one afterwards. It's only one term's maternity cover, and is in a fairly challenging school, which is quite a long commute away, but I'm so glad to have something. I would recommend signing on to anyone who is unemployed, as it's better to have some money coming in. It's also worth applying for housing benefit, as this will pay for your rent/mortgage payments and council tax.

    How sad it is though that good teachers are being put in this position?? The government are so keen to train us up, even paying £9k in bursaries, but provide no jobs at the end of it. In France, you are GUARANTEED a job once you graduate with your teaching qualification.
  7. I am in exactly the same boat. Luckily my partner is in full time employment. If it were not for their income I would be nigh on penniless. BUT their income only covers the basic bills and we have nothing left after pay day. It's a dire situation and not the best for a couple who have just moved in together.
    I am frantically trying to get a full time post or some supply.
    It's thin on the ground and it's soul destroying!
    The boredom is driving me nuts...it's so unfortunate. It is such a pity that so many teachers are being left in this position.
    I empathise with each and every one of you. Good luck to you all!
  8. It must be so frustrating but don't get bored - try this which you could work on in the quiet times and drop for a while when you are busy. May I suggest the following which I do in my spare time whilst working full time:
    It's not exactly a complete self supporting business yet but I am progressing rapidly.
    I've been teaching for 15 years and I still don't earn enough to survive comfortably in London with a family and huge mortgage.
    My solution which I began working on this year, may be helpful to others also. You can do it easily in conjunction with full time teaching, tutoring and supply work or you could give it more time and build up quicker.
    You can aim to make enough to take the pressure off the bills, pay for your holidays or raise the bar and make enough to choose whether it becomes your main income.
    I decided to try all the free ways of making money on line with the aim of matching my current take home and taking the pressure off any career move. (There's always the hope that this project will take off further and take away the need for a new career altogether). So far, with a small amount of effort, I have now built up to over a thousand of income - encouraging enough to continue with the plan. I obviously haven't made it to freedom yet but I have high hopes that in a year's time, I will be able to call the shots.
    I write a blog to say what I'm doing and what I'm trying at the moment and show how to go about some of it so have a look if you think it might work for you - it's at http://cashinthearmchair.blogspot.com/
    I've done a few articles on some of the successes I've had such as
    My aim is to share success with others who deserve it.
    If nothing else, it's a fun hobby which pays you good money but for me, it's my tunnel to freedom!
    Good luck!
  9. darkness

    darkness New commenter

    Do you all go for jobs which are not solely teaching, like TAs and CSs? On the second I cannot, but that is just my principle, but the first one?
  10. Yes, I will take a TA day if and when offered it. Half the money but a day's work is better than nothing at all.
  11. bigpig

    bigpig New commenter

    I have done some days as a nursery nurse this past few weeks. It's money. Although these have been at the same place recently. I don't really like it, as I feel a bit of a burden not really knowing routines etc. (which is hard as a TA/nursery nurse and different for when I'm in charge as a teacher). But at the moment work is work! I have heard that the agencies have been ringing up their schools saying 'do you need anyone?'.
  12. darkness

    darkness New commenter

    What about with job applications, a few of my own friends will simply not go for those jobs, but I would recommend people do. You can still do supply on the side but guaranteed a wage with the TA role, and it will introduce you to a school.

    It can be a hard climb nowadays, start at the rock bottom, then covering PPA, and then you get asked for supply at the school, then the HT recommends you to others.

    Schools often have a list of those preferred as they do want someone who knows the school. So by taking on the role of a TA you can be those preferred.
  13. I am pretty sure my agent is no longer at his desk.
  14. I feel incredibly fortunate that I has weasled my way into the "regular supply" list at 1 school - and was working there pretty much every day until I got onto my current sickness cover - and have been asked for by a couple of other schools.
    January was tough though, and I tried signing on - but do they make it difficult or what?? I got told that if I worked 1 day (or even half a day at some agency rates) a week, I didn't qualify for jobseekers (as it's over the maximum income). But I got into the school I did regular supply at by starting with invigilation, then being called in last-minute as I only live 10 mins cycle from the school.
    Being positive every day (even when I was sworn at, locked in a classroom with 30 Y9s, trapped in a classroom by a flooding corridor.... the list goes on!), I kept getting called back. Persistence pays off, and taking anything you can get! Agencies love you and be positive even if you hated it. I've only had one school where I refused to go back, and luckily I haven't needed to (touch wood!) since. Still wishing on getting some NQT induction done though! Fingers crossed for anyone still finding work thin on the ground!
  15. lrw22

    lrw22 Senior commenter

    I have done TA work, nursery nurse work and worked in a private day nursery. Next week I am doing exam invigilating in a secondary school for a couple of half days. I won't do CS work but agency has never asked me to anyway. Things are looking up a bit have half a day teaching booked for next week at a school I worked at regularly before Christmas. It's just tough when I had a whole term with in one school last term so started to feel like "a proper teacher" again.
  16. I totally empathise. I'm lucky that I've got work for this term, but not so lucky in that they've messed up my money and so I've still not been paid. Not happy...
  17. phippskat - I would be very ANGRY!!! [​IMG]
  18. Patontheback

    Patontheback New commenter

    I've done nursery nurse and TA work mostly since September but even that has stopped. Going to sign on on Monday. Since you had trouble in January I will hopefully NOT get work for a couple of weeks. IAnyone else signing on? Glad I have the job applications to stop me getting bored.
  19. Don't know if anyone's in the Hull/East Riding?north Lincs area but I have got quite a bit of work through Leap. They are a local agency, not a national one but are worth a look.
  20. lol, I am!! still no money...

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