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Waiting for the catch...

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by spaceoddity, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. spaceoddity

    spaceoddity New commenter

    My agency have just called ME to let me know that as of next week I will be entitled to AWR - 'just wanted to check your previous payscale so we get it right...' SERIOUSLY??? Surely this NEVER happens...I am betting they will pass the cost on to the poor school though: does anyone know if they (the agency) are meant to absorb the cost themselves, or is the guidance sufficiently woolly for it to be unclear?
    In the event that the school decide they can afford the extra £100+ a week I'll be doing cartwheels!
  2. What ridiculous semantics..."entitled to AWR"????
    No one is actually entitled to the EU's Agency Workers' regulations 2010!
    What they actually mean is that after working some 12 weeks/3months continually you are actually <u>entitled </u>to the <u>same terms and conditions of service</u> as the permanent staff on the payroll ...however many workers are actually sacked <u>BEFORE</u> THEY CAN GIVE COMMITTED SERVICE FOR TWELVE WEEKS OR MORE so that employers do NOT have to give temporary workers parity. How perverse is that!

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