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Waiting for Results

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by sel_chick, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Thanks for your reply oz.
    I ended up at the gp before I had a chance to try the consultants secretary (have done my knee in - very likely a problem that is now surfacing because of my original problem - joy, more pain and discomfort then!) and yet again the GP refused to give me the results. I do understand why, but I'm furious that he wouldn't let me look at them.
    I've got an appointment next week to see the GP who actually gives a damn (helps that she's a family friend), but need to phone friday morning to see if I can get one quicker than that.
    Have also had a chat with the radiologist this week (friend of a friend) and although they wouldn't say much (also very understandable), they have confirmed some of my suspicions about they delay in investigating the problem making things considerably worse.
    I keep sitting in wait of the postie everyday and being so disappointed when nothing arrives.
  2. sel_chick, I could refer you to my GIST thread of last year but it's so very loooooong. Long because of all the time I had to fret in between procedures and tests and waiting to hear anything at all from the hospital.
    It's an absolute disgrace. Most times they have the results very quickly and the delay is administrative. I know how awful it is to be kept dangling. I made a formal complaint in the end (seven months: is it cancer or not?) and that didn't half speed things up.
    Sorry to hear that your GP is unhelpful. Mine was a lifeline - he tried to follow things up on my behalf and rang me with results and reports when he got hold of them. I can see why some might think it looked like interference though.
  3. Thank you Lily.
    I remember your GIST thread. The wait to find out about something as serious as that must have been awful. Mine is more impatience than urgency, but frustrating all the same. I just cannot understand why it takes so long to send a letter - 9 weeks from MRI number 1 and we're now 5 weeks on from MRI number 2.
    I'm considering making a formal complaint about the whole manner in which I've been treated since I first turned up to my GP with the problem.
    I think it will be quite tricky though, as I have been through 5 different GP surgeries and countless different GP's at each surgery with this problem (I did a lot of moving around the country as a student). I'd need my medical records to check when, where, who and on the rare occasion, what was actually done (usually not much!). I have a huge worry that some of my notes are missing though - I certainly know the first x-ray I had for this problem is!
  4. So, telephone consulation this morning. GP read me my results and interpreted them for me.
    Seems to be lots of little things going on, all of which could be something, but they don't think any of them are serious enough to be anything.
    My interpretation of that is:
    'we've worked out that something's not right, but since you don't fit the pattern for anything specific, we haven't actually got a *** clue what's wrong with you'
    Still, that's progress from where I was!
    GP has given me the consultants secretary's number and says to phone them and chase up an appointment. Not sure why I should be chasing them, but... wish me luck!
  5. rosievoice

    rosievoice Star commenter

    Good luck, Chick. x
  6. So, I never quite got round to phoning the consultant's secretary.
    I decided to wait another few days to see if anything came though (would just be my luck to call and the letter arrive the next day!), but of course it didn't.
    Now I can't find the number.
    It will be 10 weeks on Wednesday since the second MRI.
    Surely I'm not expecting too much to have heard something from the consultant by now?

  7. Ring the hospital department where you had it done, or better still go there yourself. Ask when and to whom the results were sent. Get their numbers. Ring them up and ask why, when (if) the results were sent x weeks ago, you have heard nothing.
    It's so long now that it sounds like an actual mistake.
    If you get nowhere, get on to your NHS Trust website and find the customer complaint section. Complain. Keep complaining.
  8. It is amazing the difference between NHS and private. We have BUPA cover from my husband's job. I saw the consultant on the Wednesday evening, had an MRI scan at 9.20 the following morning and got the results from the consultant on the Thursday evening.
    It seems that NHS work on a permanent backlog so you always have to wait for results [​IMG]
  9. Thank you for all your replies.
    Doglover, I completely appreciate where you are coming from, however, my gp (finally) made the referral to the consultant last November - over 8.5 years after I first complained of the problem.
    It's now pretty much September - another 10 months on, and nearly 9.5 years after the onset of the problem.
    So, 10 weeks isn't that long to wait to find out what's wrong with me in the grand scheme of things, however, almost 10 years is.
    Having done my own research, some of the potential problems could be genetic, of course, on the other hand, they might not be. I want to be fully informed of the actual problem, any future problems I may experience and the likelihood of any children I may have being affected by the problem.
    I turned 29 last week, I'm now starting to think seriously about having children in the next few years...how many more years should I wait for a diagnosis and/or treatment?
    I have a hectic week this week, so once it's over and done with, I'm going to kick some NHS ****!
    On the other hand, if I win the euromillions tonight, I'll take myself to the local private hospital and see my consultant there...maybe he's too busy with his 'paying' patients to be bothered to treat 'lowlifes' like me!! [​IMG]

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