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vortex howler

Discussion in 'Physical education' started by jactom, May 26, 2011.

  1. jactom

    jactom New commenter

    Just wondered whether any schools have incorporated the vortex howler into their PE lessons. I noticed at an athletics competition coming up this activity was one of the events. Apparently you throw them like a javelin and they whistle through the air - guess kids love them!
  2. We bought 6 for our Dept and was money well spent, should have got more!
    We've used them for helping to teach the javelin technique as they can be thrown the same way. They can also be used indoors to teach javelin in wet weather. We've also used them in an ultimate frisbee type team game which the kids also love. Staff like to have a go on them on the odd lunchtime too, quite satisfying to throw something as hard as you can on a bad day!!
  3. jactom

    jactom New commenter

    Sounds good - thanks for reply


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