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vomiting after eating scallops

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by Frances1985, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    I have just returned from a wonderful cooking holiday in France. One evening, we were given the opportunity to try one of the local restaurants, so me and two girls I met went to a fantastic restaurant where we ate great food. Two of us had scallops to start with. It was the first time I had ever eaten scallops, and they tasted absolutely fantastic. Unfortunately, I spent the whole night (up every hour!) vomiting so much I had backache the next day from leaning over the toilet bowl! The next day I was fine, just a bit tired and washed out. The other girl who ate the scallops was completely fine.

    Do you think maybe there was a rogue scallop in there, even though they tasted wonderful? I am fine with all other sorts of shellfish and have never had that type of reaction. A friend suggested it could be an allergy, but I always thought shellfish allergies were characterised by symptoms like hives, swelling or, in extreme cases, anaphylaxis.

    I really enjoyed them and feel I shouldn't tar all scallops with the same brush unless, of course, it was an allergic reaction? The vomiting started about 3 hours after eating them.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks :)
  2. lilachardy

    lilachardy Star commenter

    It doesn't sound like an allergy to me - certainly it doesn't resemble my fish allergy at all.
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    If I eat anything that has even touched a shellfish I vomit.
  4. Yes, you got food poisoning from a dodgy scallop. Simples.
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  5. I had the same reaction to prawns in Spain. They were beautiful big prawns, on ice and all 4 of us ate them. I started being sick a few hours later and it lasted all night. Felt awful the next day and spent the day in bed. Everyone else was fine. I reckon I got a dodgy one. You probably just had a mild case of food poisoning.
  6. chubbyone

    chubbyone New commenter

    Never had this problem with shellfish but have it with other foods such as cashew nuts, pineapple, peach and pesto. The last time I had a reaction was with cashew nuts which was in a sauce that my husband had got but did not know. I had literally put a spoonful in my mouth and swallowed it when he realised, then I looked like a hamster on steroids!!!! Was sick really vomiting for about 2 days. Hubbie had never seen me like this before and so I went to doctors. I was referred to hospital thi king I had a allergy for the blood tests to come back and say I wasn't allergic to them. Went to see a consultant who talked through my results, I was made to feel like I was a fraud but luckily my hubbie had pictures on his phone as thought it was funny. The bottom line was I was not allergic to the foods mentioned but had a reaction to them. I was bemused as the co sultanate at the hospital basically bamboozled me by saying it could be chemicals etc in foods. My gp then explained the differences to me, an allergy would mean it could be fatal where as a reaction may result in feeling like pooh and vomiting etc but it would not be life threatening. The gp also said not to go out of my way to eat foods that I know make me sick.

    If you have never had scallops before you may have had a dodgy one or you could have had a reaction. Maybe you would be wise not to eat again, or get an allergy test done.
  7. Actually, I avoid scallops now for the same reason. When I was a kid, I tried scallops with my dad at a seafood restaurant. I was violently ill that night. He was fine. I never ate scallops again until... a couple of years ago on vacation at the beach, I decided to give them another try at dinner. Sure enough, that night the porcelain god got his due.

    I'm not sure what causes it, but I'm not trying scallops again. I can eat any other shellfish without a problem. Also, I was fine the next day so I doubt it was food poisoning.
  8. giraffe

    giraffe New commenter

    The only way to find out if it was food poisoning or food sensitivity is to try them again. Just keep a bowl handy!
    I used to vomit if I ate anything shellfishy.
  9. I am tempted to try them again! Thankfully the puking hasn't put me off too much (unless it happens again, of course) because the "rogue" scallops I had were beautifully cooked and tasted lovely. I was either unlucky or my body doesn't like scallops....
  10. Totally irrelevant but it's fun catching scallops. I was diving and wanted to catch one. It escaped by going up at an angle then drifting down. Straight into my bag. Crabs are a bit trickier - caught one and tied its leg to my bag. Unfortunately the leg came off. And lobsters - well they can move really quickly.
    Hope it's just a bad scallop. I love sea food - crabs, lobsters and especially mussels.

  11. Or you had a tummy bug. If it was me I would just avoid but then I am particularly wimpy about being sick.
  12. The weirdest reaction to fish that I have ever heard of is a work colleagues mother who, when she eats mussels, vomits for hours and also has hallucinations. The vomiting I can understand but never ever heard of hallucinations as an allergic reaction before! Unless she also gets an associated fever as I have hallucinations when I am feverish.
  13. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    I used to be able to eat mussels but, after one bad experience in whih I became unconscious and very ill indeed, I am sensitised to them [call it allegic if you will] and, after two brave one-mussel tries that ended in disaster, I shall never eat them again. After just one taste I am hideously ill within half-an-hour.
    They're nice, but no food is nice enough for that

    Much as I used to like mussels,, it isn't worth the pain.
  14. garnet1401

    garnet1401 New commenter

  15. garnet1401

    garnet1401 New commenter

    I vomit every time I eat them. It has gone on for years since I was about 16 years old. I can eat them if something cuts them like wine or vinegar. Cannot eat them with butter or any rich sauce cream or milk; otherwise if I chew them good and drink wine with them or drizzle with vinegar or dip them in it I am okay. In my twenties I was told that some people cannot digest them. Made sense since if I have help I am okay. Vinegar actually aids in digestion. Not sure if I lack an enzyme or what. I eat other seafood no problem. Maybe this is your issue. I do not think mine is a true allergy at all.
  16. garnet1401

    garnet1401 New commenter

  17. garnet1401

    garnet1401 New commenter

    Doubt it was a rogue scallop. Person likely has a problem digesting them.
  18. garnet1401

    garnet1401 New commenter

  19. garnet1401

    garnet1401 New commenter

    Your body does not like scallops.
  20. Lalad

    Lalad Lead commenter

    It's most likely to be food poisoning from a dodgy one - I had a similar experience from eating oysters once but have eaten them since with no adverse effects.

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