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Voluntary work overseas from Sept

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by sabaticalgirl, May 19, 2011.

  1. sabaticalgirl

    sabaticalgirl New commenter

    I've got some sabatical leave from my job and am looking to do some voluntary work overseas, probably Africa, from September time. Does anyone have any suggestions on organisations to try? Or info on possible work available? I am a secondary Science teacher, but open to any sort of voluntary work in education or community work. Probably for 3-6 months.
  2. rambo12

    rambo12 New commenter

    There are dozens of organisations that you could contact in Nairobi just look on the web. There also alot of teaching projects in Kibera (biggist slum in sub-saharan africa). I have many friends who participated in projects in Kibera and all found it very rewarding.I am sure your skills would be greatly appreciated. It would be quite possible to just turn up in Nairobi and find projects to work on too. Many people do this,
  3. rambo12

    rambo12 New commenter

    Sorry to add to my previous post : I was reffering mainly to educational projects but there are also many orphange projects to work with as well. A couple of american lads worked at an orphanage 400 metres down the road from Millimani Backpackers in Nairobi. So this was great as they had budget accommodation near the project. I volunteered for a week with them and its a case of just turn up and lend a hand. The particular orphange im talking about was for under 4s and there were many babys. My time there was limited volunteering but it was rewarding. I can find out the name for you if you like?
  4. bulegila

    bulegila New commenter

    Have you had a look at www.vso.org.uk
    They do teaching volunteer placements for Science teachers. I not sure whether they do placements for the time frames you are looking at.
    UN has a volunteer programme http://www.unv.org/
    These also do volunteer teaching projects. http://www.globalvolunteernetwork.org/uganda/
  5. Try WorldTeach, they are based at Harvards International development centre. I have just returned from teaching in Rwanda, I know they have Tanzania and Namibia. I can personally reccommend the Namibian programme and the Rwandan programme. They place people in schools around the countries for anywhere from a few months to a year depending on the programme type. I lived in rural Rwanda and taught for a year and it was the most amazing experience of my teaching career.
    Good luck
  6. ian60

    ian60 New commenter

    VSO have a lot of experience in this sort of stuff, I did two years 'under their wing' in the early eighties.

    One word of warning.... you won't come back the same person, and the experience may well change they way you look at just about everything.
  7. rambo12

    rambo12 New commenter

    Very wise words from Ian there!
    I cant speak from teaching volunteer experience but by backpacking the region as well as India/Nepal and SE Asia in the past it really does open your eyes to alot of things.
    Well worth it though!
  8. happygreenfrog

    happygreenfrog Occasional commenter

    Just like to add my admiration for the OP.
    One of the things that saddens me about working abroad in an international school is that, whilst my work is always rewarding, I'm not really supporting and advancing the skills of the local children in the state system, my classroom being as it is filled with the moderately comfortable expat offspring, who would really appreciate and possibly benefit more from my input.

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