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Voluntary work for GTP, key stage experience important?

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by StarZee, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. HI everyone! first post[​IMG]
    I've approched my local primary school offering to do 6 weeks voluntary work as classroom assistant to gain experience as I hope to apply for the GTP this September. Really keen to teach!
    The head has asked my Keystage preference so she can place me, I'm quite interested in training to teach foundation, so reception class, although would also love to gain experience helping special needs pupils and to be honest I'm not 100% final on the agegroup I would like to teach as I would like to get to know what the differences are in the levels of work and learning the pupils need to do in each stage.
    Would it matter which keystage I do the voluntary work in for the GTP? Would it need to be the stage that I train in, or could I perhaps do a couple of weeks in reception, then a couple in KS1 then KS2 incorporating working helping special needs pupils also??
    Or would this be too much swapping about/ disruptive for pupils/irrelevant to the GTP training?? I think I'd like to gain experience in all areas if possible!!
  2. Hi
    I would check with your local providers as I know the ones near me ask for a minimum of 6 months school experience and a 2.2 or above, obviously each provider is different so it is best to check first. Most normally say on their websites.
    I am not sure regarding the key stages, I didn't have KS2 but I managed to get a place with FS and KS1 experience.

  3. If you are intending to start your GTP this September then you are too late as all positions will be filled, but if it is for 2012 then sounds like you are going about it the right way. Like the other poster said check with your provider- some are 6 months, some like the one I am applying to only require 2 weeks but obviously more will be looked upon favourably.
    Sometimes its up to the school/provider which age group they place you in but from what I have heard if you train in KS1 you will still be fine to teach in KS2 and visa versa because you will do a seperate placement for different experiences.
    I think doing 2 weeks in each Key Stage sounds like a good idea and you might find your preferred one changes! Hopefully the school will allow this.
    Good Luck!
  4. I thought I'd want to teach upper KS2 when I first started thinking about teaching. But having worked in schools for two years now I know I'd happily never go upstairs in the school again - FS and KS1 only please!

    Use your voluntary time to try out as many different year groups as you can I'd say. Watch lots of different teachers, do as many different activities as you can, get yourself on any trips, start a lunchime/after school club and keep a log/take photos of all your experience for your application later on. Settle into 1 year group/class once you've visited lots, but I'd definitely advise you to get as wide an experience as possible.

    Good luck!
  5. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    What is more important is what you learn from the experience of being in a primary classroom. Do analyse what the teacher does, how the kids get motivated, structure of the lesson etc. Do check the application dates with your local provider, in many places the programmes have already been recruited for January starts and the next intake would be Sept 2012
  6. ld7675

    ld7675 Occasional commenter

    I've been told by my provider that my 3 years work in foundation stage (and EYPS) is fine but also need KS1 work experience. My children's headteacher has said she would consider someone for GTP after at least a years' solid TA experiece as she needed to be confident that the applicant can deal with a whole class. I am applying for TA jobs now and am expecting to spend at least a year on them before approaching schools for placements. My understanding is that the Gtp, like PGCE, is for two consecutive age ranges, eg in primary, EYFS plus KS1 or KS1 plus KS2.
    My understanding of the system is that GTP was developed for those who were working in schools with all the entry requirements for teacher training plus solid work experience in a school. I know through experience that working in a setting is very different from volunteering - as a volunteer there will be no requirement to contribute towards records etc which can be valuable experience in applying for training.
    You could apply for casual TA work prior to applying to get work experience rather than volunteer experience.

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