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Voluntary, UK NQT Statutory Induction. April 2018, NQT Induction criteria.

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by strive2, Nov 10, 2018.

  1. strive2

    strive2 New commenter


    Please, can anyone kindly help with my question or guide me in the right direction? May I politely mention that I do not mean to cause offense - my comments are offered for thought, not provocation.

    I read something most recently that prompted me to ask the following,

    Can an NQT with QTS, apply for a permanent one day a week teaching position in a UK state school and then volunteer an extra one and a half days a week to complete Induction 2.5 part-time over 2 years?

    I understand that in the UK if you are not employed as a teacher you cannot complete NQT statutory induction.

    Theoretically, the teacher might have BA HON's with QTS, a subject specialism, completed teacher skills tests, completed the five-year supply teaching rule with no opportunity of completing Induction what so ever, and then left unemployed for so many years that they are now classed as a returning teacher due to the forever, never-ending recruitment crisis.

    This situation would mean that the teacher would be employed by the school and therefore the NQT statutory induction criteria; if you are not employed as a teacher you cannot complete NQT statutory induction, would be met as they would be employed permanently by the same school.

    Thank you for your time and advice.
  2. blueskydreaming

    blueskydreaming Lead commenter

    I think it would depend on the LA and school as to whether they would allow this.

    BUT if the school is advertising a position for 1 day a week, why would they want you there for another day and a half as a 'volunteer'? You'd need to be working as a teacher on that day and a half in order to complete the NQT induction, so why would they be willing to pay the normal teacher, and the normal teacher be willing to sit around doing nothing, while you do the teaching? There would be no contract in place to cover that day and a half of unpaid work, which would lead to issues if you were ill etc. Unless the school already knows you and wants to help you out I really can't see them agreeing to this.
  3. strive2

    strive2 New commenter

    Thank you
  4. strive2

    strive2 New commenter

    Thank you

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