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Voluntary transfer advice

Discussion in 'Scotland - Primary' started by clarabo1000, Aug 25, 2016.

  1. clarabo1000

    clarabo1000 New commenter

    Hi, I've worked in the same ASN school for 11 years since finishing my probationary year in mainstream. Our roll is falling due to children being placed in mainstream and for the past 2 years we have had surplus staff. I'm not sure what is going to happen to my school long term and am considering volunteering for transfer (I'm not last in but I know the person who is would rather stay) next year assuming we will be surplus again. I just feel perhaps I should move before I'm pushed into something or somewhere I don't want. Just not sure I'd be doing the right thing!!

    At the moment I work 4 days per week but would be prepared to go back to full time.

    Any advice gratefully received!!
  2. sir2006

    sir2006 New commenter

    Can't imagine there's much to add to what you've said above...you could express an interest and see what schools are available and then take it from there. Are you interested in promotion? I'm sure your ASN experience would be extremely well received in mainstream schools.
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