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Voluntary Redundancy

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by messiah, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. Dear Theo, My school needs to make some economies and losing 1 or 2 teachers is one of the options. This was told to us 2 weeks ago. We had 1 week in which to find out about the package available and to reply saying that we wished to be considered. If accepted, my contract will terminate on the 30th June. I will get 4 months pay in lieu from that date, 10 1/2 weeks redundancy pay and the equivalent of July's salary as a thank you. 1st of all, shouldn't they be paying us until 30th August before the 4 months notice kicks in? This all seems horrendously quick and I haven't yet been told I am definitely going nor got the paperwork. If it is not signed and returned by 30th June will the contract still be terminated on that day? Thanks in advance for your advice.
  2. For goodness sake take some advice from your union before it's too late. They will know a lot more about terms & conditions as well as any sneaky tricks that may be attempted. To me termination of the contract on 30th June- given that it will involve less than 1 week notice, doesn't sound right. However, statutory redundancy payments depend upon length of service so for some people it could still be a very generous pay off.
  3. My union say that it is legal as long as both sides agree to it and that if I try to negotiate they may simply withdraw the offer altogether. I've been off work for 5 months due to depression etc caused by work related stress (bullying from above) and I suspect it is a way of making sure I don't come back in July and need to be paid full whack for August! Still haven't received any official paperwork!
  4. manuscript2007

    manuscript2007 New commenter

    I wish my enforced redundancy payout was as generous as your voluntary one
  5. Voluntary ones ARE more generous precisely because you have volunteered, which saves the school time and money. Also I'm over 50, have worked there for 7 years and we have to give them 4 months notice if we get another job. So they have given me no more than they have to by law.

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