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Discussion in 'Secondary' started by lizziec, Oct 29, 2011.

  1. At my college in my department, we publish the scheme of work, and worksheets, links to resources etc for students to download for extra support/practice, and sometimes answers to work we have set - for students to mark their own work - but our students are fairly motivated.
    Most work is provided in pdf format, which seems to be fairly universally readable - Even so, some students (I think mostly Mac users) have difficulty downloading stuff... but we have large numbers of computers available in college to permit download on compatible sytems during their free periods, so we can make some activities (like self marking) compulsory.
    At my children's school they have recently started asking students to download homework and submit it via the VLE... and they appear to have had a lot of problems with students that do not have windows, or the right version of windows... either not able to download or not able to submit work, and there are limited computers available for use during break and lunch, so even students who want to do the work are not able to... Hopefully these are teething problems, and can be improved with better setup, but some issues will remain.
    So my suggestion would be to make sure that information being issued is in the "lowest common denominator" format....and that alternatives are always available. Of course you will always have to provide a method for reading work and submitting it for those without access to a computer (both families that don't have one, and when a computer breaks down in a single computer household - or where multiple siblings are sharing a computer and are not able to spend more than a few minutes at a time online) - unless the school are able to provide extensive access for all.
    However, I can envisage it being very useful if it were possible to redownload worksheets etc when they have been "lost", or access powerpoints/information issued during a lesson which was missed for some reason (or facts forgotten), or to check the exact requirements (and mark breakdown) for a homework task.
    I hope some of these ideas help

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