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Vivo Miles in Primary

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by Routhy, Mar 7, 2015.

  1. Routhy

    Routhy New commenter


    I have recently been given the lead in managing whole school behiour. This is a new role in a school that has a new head. I am looking to initiate a whole school reward system and have come across Vivo Miles. I understand it is used predominately in secondary but wondered if there were teachers from Primary who use the system and could give me any feedback. Feedback from secondary also very welcome. Thanks

  2. seriously? Cant you think of something less materialistic for Primary? My sons school introduced it. Parents were livid. Spending school funds on "prizes" when a simple postcard home is valued more. The amount of points you needed to get anything was phenomenal. Needless to say 18 months and wasted money later the whole thing was cancelled. I don't think anybody managed to get anything from it. Stay away! Spend your money on books and postcards.
  3. pepper5

    pepper5 Star commenter


    I am in agreement with DG: the children will value much more post cards home and then the parents can, if they deem fit, give them some type of reward.

    Students appreciate a kind word and sincere praise much more than vivo miles.
  4. exactly... something they really want not something dictated to by school. My kids are secondary BTW and they hated it too.
  5. Vivo Miles are great for the first year, but then the students bore of the prizes. Think about how we as adults feel valued - through connection and recognition. So perhaps postcards, yes, or letters, or rewards within school (secondary schools can use early dinner passes, or granting of other special privileges which give students respect or status such as being able to sit where they like, have free breakfasts for a week...)

    Look at this Sec Ed article: www.sec-ed.co.uk/.../nqt-special-the-four-reasons-for-poor-behaviour-and-how-to-tackle-them, particularly the 'with parents' section...
  6. pepper5

    pepper5 Star commenter

    hi nadine

    Thanks for posting the link to the article...a lot of sound advice and some tips I will definitely use even on supply.
  7. I am head of Maths at a school in Abu Dhabi, and the whole school rewards scheme I?ve used in this school and my two previous schools (one in the UK) was Carrot Rewards, which I highly recommend.

    We use Carrot Rewards with years 3 to 9 (Our school doesn?t have any older years). Every department and class have their own coded stickers which when given out pupils log themselves. Teachers give them out at their discretion, but the only rule we have is that pupils have to earn them, to ensure they really value them.

    Every reward pupils log is automatically updated in Carrot Rewards, so I easily can get up to the minute info on all rewards that have been given out, and monitor classes, years and house points. This is a huge improvement on many reward schemes I?ve used which often require significant amounts of administration. Our pupils like logging their own rewards, but if you are working with very young children I believe that it is also possible to log the rewards online as you give them out, but this isn?t something I?ve tried.

    I agree with nadinempc that you don?t have to offer expensive prizes to get the pupils engaged. What makes ours really special is that the rewards don?t just count toward to pupil?s accomplishments. As we have a house system, all rewards also count towards house points, so pupils get the added benefit of helping their house. An online shop is available, where pupils can exchange their rewards for prizes, but we chose not to use it as our pupils are motivated enough with collecting their stickers and earning house points at the moment.
  8. In addition to the above there is a great video showing this reward system in action at a primary school at www.mystickers.co.uk

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