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Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by Jimmo, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. You know, you see a kids piece of work and want to share it with the class there and then.
    A visualiser is one of those things where you grab a book, stick it under the camera and the whole class can see it.
    Can anyone reccomend one?
    As usual RM are waaaaaay to expensive...
  2. mathsnmusic

    mathsnmusic New commenter

    We have one in our department (dont know what type, cost, etc) but I never use it. I much prefer to use a webcam as it takes a lot less time to set up (10 seconds compared to 2/3 minutes) and does the job almost as well. I didnt have to buy either but I know that the one department visualiser cost less than the 8 department webcams altogether.
  3. trinity0097

    trinity0097 New commenter

    TTS do a good basic (easi-view)one which is good if you need a cheap visualiser, or want many that don't have great functions, as you have to press a button to focus and move it closer to zoom in. However my school has just taken delivery of loads to allow lots of teachers to have one, rather than a few having good ones.
  4. I have an app on my mobile phone which will brodcast the phonescreen to the IWB. As I'm wandering the classroom, I can put an image directly on the board without the need to take students work to the visualise.
  5. murkle

    murkle New commenter

    I've just installed IP Webcam for Android which from a quick play seems to work very well. There's also one call Qik which I haven't tried.
  6. I find the latest technology helps me to visualise a totally different future.
  7. Nazard

    Nazard New commenter

    Mine has just arrived. It's brilliant - amazing quality. Now I just need to get it installed on the PC in my classroom...
    Thanks for the tip.
  8. HI,
    My name is Lalita Hedges , and I work within TTS. The TTS visualiser (Easi View ) is fantastic value for money , robust and very simple to use. Every primary classroom should have one. ( obviousley I am slightly biased!).
    If you want information, a demonstration, or just ideas for use please dont hesitate to ask. Check out Easi view on our web site www.tts-group.co.uk or feel free to contact me direct on 07538 579 393.

  9. I use the web cam on my MacBook Air and find that works great for most things. I've also used an old Apple FireWire web cam in the past and held it using a stand 'borrowed' from science. I have not found any visualisers that are natively compatible with Mac OSX.

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