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Visiting Staff and Outdoor Adventurous Activites

Discussion in 'Physical education' started by riverwarrior, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. Following a discussion with a colleague recently, I ws wondering if anyone could shed more light this subject:
    Who is responsible for the visiting staff on an Outdoor and Adventurous Activity, when the providers are using 'remote supervision' with the participants, and have no requirement for the visiting staff to be involved?
    An example could be a Duke of Edinburgh Award Expedition, where providers are remotely supervising participants, and a member of visiting staff - who may be a keen hill walker - has expressed an interest in walking up on the mountains and meeting the group/s.
    Another example could be water based, maybe on the river, where a member of staff has expressed an interest in canoeing, but not with the group and, although capable, has no real qualifications or skills awards in that environment.
    The supervisors in both examples would, ideally, be focussed on the participants safety and well being, and planned for this with ratios etc.
    Do schools and colleges have their own guidlines for staff, or is it down to the provider?
  2. A horrendously grey area.
    We use Go Ape. They have their own procedures and require an over 18 year old to guide 5 16 - 18 year olds. But we cannot use our older students because of the word 'responsible', so we have to use staff!
    Many staff will not do this, again because of that word! So we use non teaching staff who may not think too hard when offered a day up in the trees for free!
    So belt and braces, their responsibility, and our responsibility or no outing!
  3. Thank's The Pobble
    We only require visiting staff to be able to take responsibility of a participant / student if, for some unplanned reason, they would leave the expedition, in which case we would 'hand them over' once we'd got them safely off of the hill or river.
    We would never ask a member of visiting staff to go on the hill or river, but I can see the attraction of someone wanting to do so.
    If it meant that they were no longer in a position to do this (for example on a hill, far away, without phone signal) then we would deter them.
    An awkward situation to be in would be to have all the participants and supervisors safely on a campsite, but no one with any idea where the visiting staff was that was last seen walking up Ben Macdui in the cloud or paddling off down the River Dee solo!

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