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Visiting Jordan

Discussion in 'Personal' started by grunwald, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. ... the country, that is, not the celebrity. Any tips? How easy is it to access Israel from Jordan?
    I know everybody recommnends Petra and Aqaba, but any other worthwhile experiences?
    Any thoughts (Petra and Aqaba included) would be most welcome.
  2. Keep your cute meter under control.
    My daughter returned from her trip absolutely determined to add a camel and a donkey to the menagerie she's got in mind when she eventually buys her dream small farm.
  3. Had a day trip to Petra from Egypt. Get down to the main area as quickly as possible then make sure you keep walking. There's lots to see away from the first major building you will see, that is The Treasury, the Indianna Jones bit.

    Some good tips on this site

    I did have a problem down there requiring the use of a toilet. They were all shut and locked! I found a 'quiet area'!! Be careful what you eat before your trip.
  4. ian60

    ian60 New commenter

    We had some memorable holidays in Jordan, we used to live 2hrs from the border in Saudi.
    It was always such a pleasant moment to be greeted by the Jordanian border guards after the less than civil Saudi equivalents.
    Aqaba is a small town (or it was when we were last there) with its own charm, you can easily enter Israel into Eilat across a road border. Though we never crossed the border, it seemed straight forward enough.
    Petra is something else! Don't rush it, just take a few days to absorb the whole settlement. If you are thinking of planning a day by day agenda for Jordan; whatever you have planned for Petra, double it.
  5. bnm


    Petra is fabulous. We travelled by ferry from Taba Heights (Egypt) to Aqaba then coach to Petra for a day trip. Escaped from guide and managed to see quite a lot but am planning to re-visit and stay in one of the Petra hotels so that we can do a full day.
    That was a good holiday. Also swam with dolphins in the Red Sea at Eilat and saw the rings of Saturn through a telescope in the desert.
    I love that part of the world.
  6. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

    Yes, me too. I lived for a short time in Dahab on the Sinai side of that part of the Red Sea. I loved it. The wind from the Saudi side could be strong most days, drowning out most peripheral sounds. I vividly remember one evening when the wind died away and the prayer call was carried over to us on an oily, tranquil sea. I also loved rush hour: a few men, of various ages struttin down the dirt track on their camels, mobile phones nonchalently pressed to their ears.
    I missed out on a trip to Aqaba. I don't regret this. I was too busy embibing the whole experience on the Dahab side. Because I was building a website for the hotel I was staying in (I went out there as a diver), I was permitted to eat with the other hotel staff. Every evening I would share the platters of food, eating with bare hands, under a dark but starry sky.
    To this day, I sometimes find it hard to believe that I had such a bewitching, enchanting, interesting and utterly beautiful time. I fell in love. With something truly mysterious and new to me.

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