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Virgin Media rant

Discussion in 'Personal' started by lookingfornemo, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. We have been with virgin media for a long long time - as far back as when they were Mercury. Absolutely no loyalty from them at all today! We've had a letter saying our tv, phone and internet package is going up by £4.10 a month, taking it over £60. Rang to see if there is a better deal or something to cut the price, but apparently there isn't anything cheaper at all. I suggested taking the tv out of the package, but that only knocks £15 off it, which didn't seem like an awful lot. Feel a bit miffed that it was me doing all the suggesting and not a lot coming from them. Unimpressed by it all really. Can't decide whether to bite the bullet and cancel with them or put up and shut up, take the easy way and just keep paying the ridiculous amount every month. Anyone else had any success in cutting bill prices?
  2. My father-in-law cancelled the package, made arrangements to go to BT. At the last moment Virgin contacted him and offered him a much improved package for less money. My advice is put the cancellation process in operation and hold your nerve.
  3. scilab

    scilab New commenter

    I've had the same letter, and thinking exactly the same thing. I've investigated alternatives and to be honest would rather stay with Virgin, but don't want to pay silly prices, so may well cancel and go for freeview and something else for broadband and phone. Not quite sure what yet though.
    Any alternative providers of phone with broadband and good experiences? There must be someone out there who can recommend something else.
    Alternatively I'll try cancelling, and holding out for a better deal at the last minute! Not sure I've got the nerve though incase they do cancel it all.
  4. That is my problem. Not sure I have the nerve to cancel and then hold my nerve and wait for the call. The thought of having to start all over again with broadband fills me with dread, but no way are we paying so much for the package! A friend of mine has bought a HD freeview box with recording space on the disk for £149 and says it is great value for money, hence my thinking about cancelling the tv bit of the package and keeping the phone and the internet.
  5. Just check that the price for phone and internet on their own will not increase. Also remember that the broadband speed is doubling in the summer even though the price remains the same.
  6. I used to be with virgin. I asked them about a v+ box (TIVO now I think) and it was too expensive so I cancelled and went to Sky. On the day I got my whatever it is code from Sky to keep my number, Virgin suddenly backtracked and offered me all sorts. I am stubborn and went ahead anyway but all you have to do is say I am going to Sky and you'll get loads.
  7. We ditched them over a year ago now - and they still bombard me with offers by post and phone (my mobile contract is with V.Mobile so it's hard to dodge that particular bullet) like a dumped lover begging for a reconcilliation... some of the offers are quite decent - but it was more the dreadful callcentre and broadband support (you'd pray faults resolved themselves rather than having to call up to get it fixed) which were why we moved.
    But yep it may take a spot of brinkmanship to get a decent offer out of them - I found they weren't interested at all until I'd actually booked the cancellation date and then the attempts to seduce me to stay started.
  8. I must say I find Virgin service to be very good. I wanted a new modem (we'd had the old NTL one for years after Virgin too over the cable service) and promptly and without fuss a chap came and fitted a new one.
    I also get my all singing and dancing 'smart' mobile (could have had a Blackberry but went for the latest Samsung Galaxy) for £7.99 a month, for more than enough texts, calls and internet use, which is pretty good I'd say.
    I also like the on demand and catch-up services. Seems a better way to view stuff that's been on and you've accidentally missed than the Sky 'record it yourself' box which the man has got. He'd switch to Virgin if there were cable facilities in his area.
    I have the triple package and phone, TV and wi-fi internet services have been fine, and if I have a problem (haven't had...for ages) I phone their free 150 number and it's been dealt with immediately - by people with voices and accents I understand. (That is a bit of a bonus nowadays too.)
    I've done a few price comparisons and have thought of getting Freeview to save money, but the convenience of Virgin TV is for me a bonus. I was wondering about ditching my landline to save some money, but again, it has come in handy and I get free weekend and evening calls too.
    Can't fault Virgin I am pleased to say.

  9. mancminx

    mancminx New commenter

    Im with virgin and i prefer them to sky. I love the 'catch up' facility. Last week i needed a new vbox, when the engineer came round i was discussing about upgrading. He said always wait till the end of the month when they have targets to meet, and we would be surprised by what they would offer.
  10. Looking on our Virgin bill we noticed that we were being charged for an HD box when in actual fact we had a bog standard box which we've had for over 10 years.
    So we queried this and they said that they would upgrade us for free...as long as we paid £20 p&p. They wouldn't concede that paying £20 was not free.
  11. Richie Millions

    Richie Millions New commenter

    Well Virgin, in my experience is unmatched, was with BT for years but the copper wire thing did it for me and after years of slow intermittent broadband now have 50 doodah optical cable as Baubs says to be doubled in the summer. The whole package deals are very good and can be renegotiated at contract end as Baubs suggests. To be honest Sky is not an option for me as those dishes are so Dagenham x
  12. Lol. My old man always used to call the old Ford Escorts "Dagenham Dustbins". So perhaps the satellite dishes should be called Dagenham Dustbin Lids.
  13. Freesat is another option. One off payment and no subscription charges. Not as many channels though, obviously.
  14. They found a billing error on my account once that had been running for ages (hate their bills with all the adding stuff and deducting stuff cos the computer's kinda flakey and can't deal with offers) - credited the amount I'd been overbilled for back - it was something ridiculous like a £200 credit or something.

    Mind you - there's a house a couple of streets up from us that has a real blast from television past - a squariel! Always amuses me.
  15. PlymouthMaid

    PlymouthMaid Occasional commenter

    Our Virgin service is awful and the customer service has also been bad. Our broadband sppeds are nothing like advertised and, as you say, they are putting the charges up, in our case about 17%. No thappy at all but will be changing when we get around to it but because we no longer have a BT line I think our options may be limited. We only have phone and internet as the virgin tv box was rubbish and we sent it back.
  16. Am on a medium package with virgin. Was £30 for the phone, broadband and tv package but it has just increased by £5 a month because of the wifi superhub i have added to my package. Just received a letter to say it is going up by £1.70.
    Have to say i have never had any problems dealing with virgin.
  17. chubbyone

    chubbyone Occasional commenter

    I am with virgin and have got a really good deal with them. Basically about 6 months ago my parents got the TiVo box, they were paying about £60 a month and when they phoned up to upgrade the kind lady on the end of the phone looked at their deal and said she would see what she could do and at their end not my dads got the new TiVo and now only pay £40. My brother did exactly the same so I phoned up as we were paying about £70 a month. After numerous phone calls of them fibbing me off they eventually met the deal my dad ad. They did not like it but I was persistent and just kept saying "sorry but if you can do that for one customer you can do it for another" my bill now is about £43 a month and for that I have xl tv, broadband wireless, TiVo box downstairs, recording box upstairs in daughters, normal box in ours and free phone calls on a night. The reason we have the extra boxes is before the digital switchover our signal was rubbish so needed digital upstairs. The joke was if they took any of the boxes away we would have to pay more, so we kept them. You just have to be persistent and phone and phone and phone.
  18. I've also recently switched to freesat hence calling sky to cancel. They reduced it down so much I decided to keep it going as I now get TV/BB and phone for less than a normal phone line.

    As for sky dishes being dagenham dustbin lids, as an Essex girl I take great offence!
  19. giraffe

    giraffe New commenter

    I've been with Virgin for a few years and have generally found them to be really good.
    Some time ago they matched a friend's package price when I threatened to leave them. They gave me a £19.50 a month loyalty discount.
    I've just had the letter about £4 increase, but it will only take me to £32 a month for broadband, all-calls inclusive phone including free calls to virgin mobiles, and TV.

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