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Violent incident

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by Privett99, Feb 2, 2020.

  1. Privett99

    Privett99 New commenter


    I was the victim of a verbal and physical (punched and pushed) incident this week from a child.

    It was witnessed and reported immediately. My concern is that I do not feel supported or protected by the senior lead team. The ‘consequence’ the child received was some Elsa time and one missed play, I do not find this adequate and have emailed to say so.

    I am waiting to hear advice from my union rep and the slt have requested to meet with me to discuss. Does anyone have experience of this? With any tips on what to say greatly appreiciated!
  2. bookeater

    bookeater Occasional commenter

    So sorry to hear what has happened.
    You actually need another person with you when you speak to the Snr lead team. Also if possible a Union member to go with you.
    Many schools just want to sweep bad behavior under the carpet and hope staff just feel too intimidated to do anything.
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