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Villa in Spain

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Zahra, Nov 29, 2001.

  1. Churros con chocolade y cafe bonka?
  2. A buck's fizz sounds brill am I too late?
  3. Well, we're on the pre-dinner Gin y Tonicas now, like one?
  4. yeuk! no baileys?
  5. Lasbaileys para la senora por favor, Jimenez.
  6. Ask Paolo to bring mine over to the pool as I am trying to get the last of the rays!
  7. Got another hour I reckon, I'll fire up the BBQ soon.
  8. have you got fish?
  9. have you got fish?
  10. I am 2 fish!!

    Oh right, well monfish kebabs and sardines for the BBQ.
  11. Ah the sun has risen and the hunky Spanish waiters are out in force ......... I will be BACK!
  12. OK Juan, Jose, Jimenez line up, angel get the loungers rinsed off, Paco tune your guitar please, here comes the sun...................
  13. *dives into pull for morning swim*
  14. On the pull or in the pool? Goodness me at this time.

    *switches on fountain, which splashes mixu*

    Coffee, buck's fizz, well it is a holiday.
  15. Ouch! That is FREEZING!

    *climbs out pool after pulling a rather hunky spanish waiter*
  16. Oh mixu, shall I give him the kiss of life? Was he on the bottom?
  17. No his was nipping mine the saucy minx!
  18. Poor girl, need a Spanish hunk to help, Jose, Juan over here.
  19. Shifter

    Shifter New commenter

    Any one seen my thong? I think it's on the bottom of the pool
  20. Not the chocolate one? It will dissolve Shifter, better get a Masterclass in Chocolate thong making underway.

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