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Villa in Spain

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Zahra, Nov 29, 2001.

  1. Burgerman, are you OK?
    Like the sound of the chocolate underwear!!!! I'll have a few of those!!!!
  2. Belgian 70% cocoa solids.......What am I talking about, just had a chocolate fantasy.....
  3. Wowee!!! What a fantasy!!!! Can I have it too, Zahra??????
  4. Of course you can Lolita here's a virtual box for you
  5. Hang on - I think I just have!!!! Terrific!!!!!
  6. Wow! The best box of chocolates I've ever had!!!! Tahnks, Zahra! Now if I could just get Burgerman or Edd to model them for me!!!!!!
  7. It's those praline thongs and as for the nutty clusters.............Wow!!!
  8. LOL!!! I'll never be able to look another nutty cluster in the face now without giggling!!!!!! They really are something!!!!
  9. And the cherry topped ones?
  10. giraffe

    giraffe New commenter

    Ah, each to her own, I suppose; but don't you find that chocolate at body heat runs all down... you know?
  11. giraffe

    giraffe New commenter

    ...and then you have to.... don't you?
  12. The cherry topped ones are wonderful too!!! In fact - the whole box!!!! Strawberry creams!!! Wowee!!!!

    Giraffe - no - it doesn't have time!!!!!!! Not with all these pilots around!!!
  13. That's the idea giraffe, you're catching on
  14. This villa is wonderful!!! All this chocolate and cava!!! Anyone for a chocolate covered oyster?????
  15. Or a chocolate covered security guard?
  16. Where are they tonight anyway, security, never there when you need it!!!
  17. Dunno - they're not posting nearly as much!!!

    I'd settle for a chocolate covered stallion!!!!
  18. But even he's not around tonight! Typical!!!
  19. Zahra's vanished!!! Don't say she's found a security guard out there somewhere! Is she trying out the chocolate underwear on him???? Nutty clusters????? Cherry topped creams????
    Or is she throwing beer into the face of yet another future World Champion at Monaco?
    I wonder!!!!
  20. Trouble is with wine fountains, they don't really clean all the chocolate off. Lolita I've dispatched chopper chappie to Brussels airport as we need a new stock of Praline thongs and we're completely out of Nutty clusters, we'll need lots for the weekend...........

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