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Villa in Spain

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Zahra, Nov 29, 2001.

  1. Visions of Lolita, flat on back with wine pouring from barrel straight into mouth!!! Thought we were using El **** airport which is Barcelona, ah well good old double decker trains
  2. ..... transport anyone nearly anywhere! So do Chopper Chappie and his mates!!!!

    So we could be where we liked in Spain really, regardless of the airport!

    El **** sounds good to me! I like the idea of landing on Prats!!!! I have a few klined up out there........
  3. Really smooth landings there, good connections, well I must go have a half full botlle of Sempranillo downstairs and him indoors is on nights, so I get to drink it on me own, well except for los perros.....
  4. Enjoy it!!!
    I'm on the laptop, with a handy bottle right by my hand!!!

    Speak soon!!!

    In the meantime, don't blame me for what goes on in the pool!!!
    Last one in's a ********
  5. hic, i've been in here for a while, and there isn't hic much of it left hic, you better hurry up girls and join me if hic you still want some wine!
    those three men may not have been very wise, but they were hic certainly very horny. they are now very hic asleep, recovering ready for your attentions. hic!
  6. Laptop's bu**ered, so have to sit in the cold, not really I'm beside a wine fountain, applying factor whatever, wearing a leopardskin thong (imitation of course) waiting to see who's coming to the party tonight. Lolita's around somewhere, probably checking Rosinante, saw Shazza earlier, we're still waiting for the security guards though, where are you big boys?
  7. I'm hic here hic with a VERY horny Stallion!!!!

    Far too much wine drunk! But I'm VERY happy!!!!! So's he!!!!!!!
  8. anyone got any after sun lotion they want to rub into my sunburned body? (men preferably!)
  9. OK Shazza, Lolita and I are busy rubbing men into Shazza's sunburned body. We need some more though, now where are those spare pilots I stowed away?
  10. Where's this wine fountain? and why have I not seen one chocolate spread bikini yet, not to mention cherries......
  11. Burgerman - chocolate bikinis and cherries on the front lawn by the jumilla fountain!!!! It's terrific!!!!

    Shazza - try P20 - no sunburn after I tried that - even on my nose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    However - chocolate is pretty effective............!
  12. Think the hazelnut chocoltae spread's the best. more factors to it
  13. zahra: what were you doing up at such an ungodly hour?
    lolita: why protect myself from sunburn when i can get men rubbed into my red skin??
    burgerman: chocolate bikinis or chocolate salty balls (you have to be a south park fan to get that!)
  14. Cold and couldn't sleep, fox in garden, dogs barking!!! S*d 'em!!!!
  15. poor u! get an early night, tonight!
  16. that was no fox - -it was pontius -- trying to make his bid for freedom.

  17. I want to retire to the villa and drown in wine and chocolate underware and gallons of wine and...I hope none of our kids are logging on to this site or we'll be inundated with chocolate underware!
  18. giraffe

    giraffe New commenter

    Your villa in Spain is too hot and sunny for me.

    How about a drizzly November morning in Britain? Muddy wellies, plate of toast, pot of tea and Eddie Mair on Radio 4... pass the marmelade!
  19. giraffe

    giraffe New commenter

    Thick cut orange or lime in a pretty jar?
  20. No thanks, Giraffe! No offence - but I think we'd be rather cold in our chocolate bikinis!!! Anyway - where would we keep all the wine?

    Prefer the villa in Spain, I'm afraid!

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