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Villa in Spain

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Zahra, Nov 29, 2001.

  1. Tonight I've got cojones a plenty - and you've all gone to bed!!!! What a shame! I'll have to keep them all to myself!!!!!

    So glad you could join us here, Edd and Burgerman! We really needed you right here! I'm ready and waiting in the jacuzzi!!!!! That's the private one in my en-suite! See you soon! Or if not, I'll see someone, I'm sure!!!!!!!
  2. By the way - the pool is still full of Albarino; and it was superb again today!!!! Come and join me there at lunchtime if you like!
  3. Spanish lunch runs from 1500 to 1700 hours!!! I'll be there by then, with the barbecue heating up!!!!!
  4. Just surfaced for a quick check, but everyone's crashed out, ah well back to those lovely matadors I hid in my room!!!!!!!!
  5. edd has to decline the invitation to dinner - otherwise engaged with a couple of sufboard groupies -

    enjoying the wild rides, the thrusting power of the waves, the sensual diving, the adrenalin rush as the wave surges reach that all important powerful climax.

    see you later, when the daylight ends and we are all in need of a hot tub together .

  6. Yawn, yawn OK Edd I've just put a jugful of Cafe Bonka on to brew.......Fancy a quick slurp Burgerman?
  7. It all sounds a load of abla abla abla to me..........or is it bla bla bla?
    Why do the Spanish have a fascination with ass?
    Tapas, Ablas, Buenas etc.
    A funny post Franco nation!
  8. You'd better ask Lolita, she's firing up the BBQ at the moment, poor girl's absolutely exhausted, up till 3ish in the morning with those hunks.......

    HarryT it is spelt as Habla, habla, habla. En espanol, por favor.....
  9. HarryT - the 'as' only comes in when we're being familiar! It's only used in the familiar, you singular form of verbs ending in -ar, used for friends!

    So if you want to be familiar, that's fine, but you'll need to get over your problems with backsides!!!!!!!

    Barbecued cojones were amazing!
    What's for dinner, anyone?
  10. Whoops - forgot! We also use -as for feminine plural adjectives!!!! Perhaps rather appropriate there!
  11. OK dinner tonight is the turkey Saltimbocca with jambon serrano. Only got rioja to drink with it and flan to folow, the wine fountain will be back in service at 2300 hours.
  12. Sounds good - pero prefiero o un helado, o arroz con leche o natillas para postres! I put some in the fridge yesterday - surely they haven't all been eaten (or used in other ways!) already!
  13. Un helado ..............Lolita can you send me the contents of your fridge, in return you can have some jambon serrano.....
    Did I see you lying naked under the wine fountain just as it was turned back on? And was that.... you know who....licking you clean?
  14. Well, here I am in Nuendo, no-one's arrived for tonight's party so I'll just have to lie under the wine fountain and sample the wine, whilst I wait for my conquistador, who can conquist me all he likes.
  15. your conquistador has arrived -- from yonder mountain regions.

    suntanned according to aztec sun god status.

    he's rugged, all muscles, spanish speaking and virile, his mates are left behind!!!!!!! so be careful - if they arrive on the scene can you handle them as well?

  16. I'll leave them to Lolita Edd, lets you and I lie under the trickling wine and imbibe to our hearts content.........
  17. Fridge contents winging their way as I type! I'll be interested to see what you do with them tomorrow - or will I?????

    Was that me naked under the fountain???? I don't know! That depends on which fountain you're talking about!!!!! I tend to stay clear of the rioja - I'm far too busy with the Jumilla! Then I wash myself off in the Albarino!!!!! (nearly bought some again tonight at Tesco's - just keep balking at the price! £10 a bottle seems rather steep!!!)

    Edd - now that Zahra's asleep again, do you want to join me? I'm just heading over to the Albarino pool!!!!! Last one in is a ************
  18. Lolita I wasn't asleep, Edd and I have had a very enjoyable communal splurge, thank you!!

    When are you bringing round the spanish pilots for some oral practice?
  19. ok lolita & zahra -- i give in -- considering we were naked in the albarino pool -- where on earth did you hide the bottle of jumilla??

    i'm baffled

  20. Naked!!!! Wondered why the conical bra was on the top of the lamp post! Is that a pair of boxers too?

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