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Villa in Spain

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Zahra, Nov 29, 2001.

  1. Mmmmmmmmm! Albarino! Rocinante - we've got your favourite wine! A swimming pool full of it! Sweetsixteen, hope you're in there too! Can't miss this one! Last one in's a sissy!!!!!!!

    Have we got any more of that Albali for when we've finished? I just hope it isn't as mouldy as the last bottle was! Such a shame! It's normally such a good wine!

  2. Wow! That was quite some midnight 'swim'!!! I think I'll sleep better tonight!

    I've picked my first few matadors, and we're off to bed!

    Goodnight everybody!
  3. well sorry i missed the first night of the party. i had such fun in the cockpit of the easyjet plane i had booked for the occasion that i decided to spend the night with the pilot and copilot in their hotel by the airport!
    very good decision too, i can tell you! but i have now safely arrived, waved my flying heroes adieu, and find you all fast asleep with a hang over. never mind, i think i'll take a stroll down to the beach, via the private jetty, have a relax in the jacuzzi on the way, and read a good book whilst enjoying the sunshine. when you all wake up, come and find me, and we can go for a dip in the sea!
  4. Shazza, you brazen ....., glad you've finally found the villa in Nuendo, nice here isn't it. You missed a great party last night, but I won't go into details just to say there's more to some guys than you would think...........
  5. did burgerman have his throbbing engine between his legs then?!
  6. Think he has a way with the throbs but does keep a rev or two in reserve.
  7. Got a cupboard left? Sorry I'm late, have I missed anything?

    Oh what a lovely view! Look at the golden sands and that hunk on the surf board...............
  8. Hi Mixu, welcome to the villa, we've reserved a room for you, it's just here, looking onto the beach, no steps down but there is a climbing rope..........
  9. Cheers Zahra - rope burns proving to be a problem otherwise room perfect.

    That hunk on the surf board has a few mates......
  10. u got that champagne on ice, zahra?
    i need a long cool drink after my day on the beach. u will never guess the sort of hunks i met down there! wow! amazing! i shall bring them all to the party tonight! at the moment, we are all enjoying the bubbles in the jacuzzi! won't be long now, i'm coming!!..
  11. Bringing surf board hunk - just climbs rope with me on his back - what a MAN!
  12. why thank you mixu --- what a lady!!!

  13. hi edd, glad to see you joined the party! have a drink, on the house! and then, fancy a jacuzzi?
  14. Wow Edd!....that was.....you!?!?
  15. Ok, everybody ready to party..........Lolita's bringing the tapas but no cojones......Wine is flowing from the fountain in the courtyard, Champagne is beautifully chilled, smoked salmon is all we've got for now. I think Lolita spotted some Matadors hiding in the corner......
  16. yep -- that was me ---- jacuzzi, bubbles, champagne, strawberries - fine wine women and song, [well anything but that blo*dy birdy song!]

    i propose that in the spirit of villa in nuendo - that this lovely warm balmy saturday night be declared a naturist night - where anything goes -- -

    so let your imagination run wild, let the effect of the beautiful wine take its course, and the excellent company take advantage of -------

  17. I'm not joking, I've been stuck in the villa's sauna with three naked women for nearly three days and nobody bothered to check! The senoritas have gone home to recoup and I need a drink and some more ginseng!
  18. no sooner requested then supplied.

    the resident hostess with the mostess --- amply built, is making her way towards you as i speak. she is built to cater for your every whim and fancy.

    plnety of ginseng available --- hope you will soon be UP and ready for the next round of partying.

  19. Thanks edd, of all the bars in all the world I knew you'd be able to walk in one and come up with the goods my friend.
  20. consider it a small gesture in return for the millions of laughs your wonderful humour has provided me.

    thank you

    enjoy the evening - it could be a long one


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