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Views to sales ratios

Discussion in 'TES Authors' Group' started by dsattaur, May 18, 2018 at 9:45 AM.

  1. dsattaur

    dsattaur New commenter

    Hi all,

    I am curious to get an idea of what a good ratio of views to sales is for a moderately priced paid resource. I have only recently started selling, my first resource sold twice within the first 3 views which probably gave me unrealistic expectations. It has now been viewed 50 times and still only sold twice. Is this about average?


  2. Krazikas

    Krazikas Occasional commenter

    Getting 4 sales to about 100 views is the usual average....
  3. schoolsciences

    schoolsciences New commenter

    Anywhere between 3-5% is good for ecommerce. Anything significantly above that and consider raising the price.
  4. mrajlong

    mrajlong Established commenter

    As I have free resources that have been included in the calculation (for some bizarre reason), I'm not sure what mine is, but suspect it is in the 3-5% that schoolsciences has stated. Some authors claim theirs is 12%! If mine was 12%, I could retire...
  5. dsattaur

    dsattaur New commenter

    Thanks all, good to have a ballpark figure to evaluate against

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