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Views please on Questionnaire response section

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by SMC21, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. I have had interesting discussions about the solution to the following type of question: “The manager of the Swimming Club wants to find out for how long each day members use the swimming pool. Write a suitable question with a response section that will enable him to find out this information.” The marks scheme guidance is: For the question:For how long do you use the swimming pool? oe For the response section:Must be time related question not eg ‘how many times used’.Boxes to cover all possibilities. There must be a reference to minutes or hours in either the question or the response section.
    At least 3 boxes, including 0.Must not overlap. No gaps. During the discussions other considerations relating to the descriptions for the tick boxes were raised, for example they should:
    Not be too wordy. Be understood by those completing the questionnaire –this possibly rules out the use of greater than/equals signs?

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