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views on self employed supply teacher

Discussion in 'Primary' started by clarabel9, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. hi folks just a quickie......im thinking about doing supply two days a week alongside my permanent teaching post.
    is there anyone out there who does or knows about supply teaching.....working for yourself rather than going through an agency? or is it more hassle than its worth?
    thank you kindly :)
  2. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    If you are working full time i think you are suppossed to tell your employer....they need to ensure that you are able to do your job your contrated to them for,but if you only work part time for them i dont see they can complain what you do in your other days.
    iIf they have no objection...then you can approach it any way you like
    If self employed and doing it legally you will need to register withthe IR and then eventually pay NI and tax on your earnings
    This is not the problem. Rather finding some one who will take you on as self employed.You might need to create a company and they pay the company, from which you draw a wage.Its unlikely they wil pay you straight as you need to be paid by cheque or account and this would need to be made ready on the day or sent to you. This can be a lot of hassle in modern systems but not unmanigable,failing that, under self emplyment laws they deduct tax at source and you have to claim it back via your accounts from the IR.
    Most schools now use agencies...and a lot of boroughs are doing the same..........and depending where you are and the days available and the subject you teach you might either get a lot or nothing.
    A lot of schools in lthe counrty are employing cheap labour in the form of TA or HLTA who take over classes in absences,,,,,,and so supply teachers are nor being employed until after 2 days or more.This further restricts your choices and chances of enplyment.
  3. When I was part time, I just did supply in my school, which kept everything simple. I only wanted the odd day here and there though so it suited me and it suited the school. Have you asked your school if they can give you first refusal on any supply? My school were keen to have someone they knew and who knew the children and the expectations.
  4. thanks for all your advice, ive been asked to work full time now in sept so wont need to do supply for now, i did like the idea of being in different schools as well as my own just to get out there a bit more and work with other age groups etc

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