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Vietnam Packages

Discussion in 'Teaching overseas' started by mishmish121, Oct 3, 2014.

  1. I'm thinking of applying to schools in Vietnam but have heard the pay is low, can someone tell me if that is true? Would someone be able to give me some idea of living costs?

    I'd be taking my daughter (3) and a trailing spouse so we need to have enough to support the whole family. Also, how realistic is it to take a big dog with us?

    Thanks all.
  2. scootergirl

    scootergirl New commenter

    Hey - it is a great place to work and live, most of the students are likely to be Asian and I have never taught such amazing students in my life - you can joke and they will laugh, respond but then be sensible when you tell them to be, they are kids yet educationally mature, anyway you didn't ask about that.

    On paper it is not good pay but you will struggle to spend the pay - depending on experience expect around $42k net, $1000 house allowance and my god the apartments or villas you get for that are unreal, compared to my friend in the Emirates who gets $1500 allowance and manages to get a poky 1 bed apartment for that you live like a queen. Teacher kids love it, all of them offer freeplaces, I have a trailing spouse and a few cats we bought over from the UK. If you want any advice PM me but you will not regret it - unlike some friends who have gone elsewhere
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  3. Thanks that's really useful advice. I'm trying to work out how it compares to the school I am currently at in Beijing. Having a lovely house would make a huge difference alone! The free place is a big consideration too. Also is it yearly flights? I currently get bi- yearly so again if I sit down and work out the difference in those extra bits and bobs it probably brings us close-ish to the pay. From what you say I am guessing the cost of living is very low (I did look on the internet but its always nice to hear it first hand). I love the students in China, they are such nice kids. I've been to the middle east before and am not massively keen to go back although I adored it I'm slightly hesitant now I have a daughter. She also speaks Mandarin and has Asian ancestry which I don't want to lose. Having said that I speak fairly fluent Arabic so at least my life would be easier lol...
  4. scootergirl

    scootergirl New commenter

    Hi yes it is yearly flights for all dependants - I save $1000 a month from my wage while still eating out or getting take away every night, sometimes breakfast too, got an amazing maid, beautiful balcony and pool as well as several bathrooms - public transport is a bit of an issue but the taxis are so cheap - costs about $5 a day to get to and from work, the school and apartment are in the most exclusive area in the city we live in. The schools generally teach Mandarin, Vietnamese and English (obviously the common language), I would rather go back to the UK then go to the Mid-East as a big thing for me in this country is the fact it is generally considered a non-religious country (Buddhism is huge but no silly laws based on religious ideals). You will not look back I promise you.
  5. kemevez

    kemevez Occasional commenter

    The pay in the better schools is not low. It is actually high, post tax and compared to the UK or most places. Outside the "top" four (or maybe six) schools the pay is indeed low but that's the case pretty much everywhere. Who told you it is low? And where are they comparing it to? A handful of elite Asian schools that pay zillions and some of the Middle Eastern outfits that pay you all the money you will either save if you do nothing or blow if you are a spender? The pay is good.

    Living costs are what you make them - you can live well on very little, very well on a little bit more, and like a king or queen or in between on a sizeable but not overwhelming chunk of your salary. Many things do cost more than you would expect compared to other geographically similar countries (taxis are NOT cheap).

    This site is a very good indication (even if Mister Maker tells you it is lies, more lies and porky pies) of the cost of living and can be set to different currencies and you can even compare Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi to other major cities worldwide:



    Some schools will pay for your daughter and spouse's flights and medical and give your daughter free schooling. And an apartment or allowance for apartment or house that is plenty big for all of you. But most of the schools won't stretch to all of that, even some of the "better" ones. But that's not unusual in a lot of places.

    People take their dogs to Vietnam.

    You can support a family.

    There will of course be other considerations, but from a cash point of view its a good gig.
  6. mikemcdonald25

    mikemcdonald25 Occasional commenter

    Good advice from kemevez as always, saludos!

  7. scootergirl

    scootergirl New commenter

    My school includes all of that plus a bigger housing allowance if you have dependants plus all visa costs and a nice shipping allowance as well
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  8. scootergirl

    scootergirl New commenter

    Hi Kemez - where do you teach? I teach in Ho Chi Minh and the taxis are really cheap if you use Vinasun or Malinh, Is it different in Hanoi?
  9. Thanks everyone. I had only heard in a vague rumourish sort of way which is why I wanted to check it out, but also a couple of school websites alluded to it. I guess it's the same the world over, some good schools some not so good. Both the places I have been in the world previously have been fine but I just wanted to check as my partner will be giving up his full time job to come with me. We were really interested in Vietnam because it offers a culture similar to his heritage but also the chance for our daughter to continue with Mandarin. I think our living costs would be pretty low as he loves to cook and mainly makes South East Asian dishes which he learned from his mum and grandma.

    Bringing the dog is huge for us.

    Now I've started investigating I am hearing only positive things!
  10. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    I would have thought that the best place to continue with Mandarin would be in China, mishmish121. (Mrs. Hippo has been working hard on her tones.) Rumour has it that the salaries in Vietnam are not so great because it is the "flavour of the month" with so many young teachers.
  11. scootergirl

    scootergirl New commenter

    Read the reasons why she is moving from China and your rumour mill is really not very good, I am not a 'young teacher' neither was any of the other staff whom started with me there are younger teachers but most schools require at least 5 years experience because of govt visa restrictions
  12. scootergirl - ? don't know about mishmish but you are really inspiring me to look for a job in Vietnam.

    ? don't suppose you know of a school needing a very good 'seasoned' - as a visitng whippersnapper recently referred to me at teaching conference :) English Language/Literature Teacher ?GCSE/AS/A Level /?B also able to teach Drama to ?GCSE ?

    Or maybe you could point me in the direction of good schools to apply too....have a spouse and a 14 yr old. Currently teaching in Turkey.
  13. dancer404

    dancer404 New commenter

    Hi there, I have seen this message and you seem very knowledgeable about the region. If it is alright with you I would love to ask you a few questions. If you are okay with this please could you start a PM with me as TES does not give me the option to yet!

    Many thanks and I hope we get the chance to speak in more detail.
  14. ejclibrarian

    ejclibrarian Established commenter Community helper

    This post was originally from 3 years ago. Perhaps you should start a new thread for more up to date info from current posters.
  15. bilby

    bilby New commenter

    Vietnam is a lovely country, fabulous things to see, great food and people, however you need to be careful with the school that you choose. Many smaller unprofessional schools are beginning to surface. Even the known ones can be dodgy. There a couple of good players in HCMC with big names in the south of the city and where the queen is from. Stay clear of the school down under. You can save, travel enjoy a rewarding career if you are lucky to land in a chosen few. Up north it seems to be the same.
  16. yellowsubmarine1

    yellowsubmarine1 New commenter

    One teacher on here a year ago or so reckoned she was on $100k USD in Vietnam and she said someone else was on nealrly 150K. I didn't believe her though.
  17. tiler

    tiler New commenter

    Any particular reason why someone shouldn't head down under?
  18. bilby

    bilby New commenter

    Four campuses for school down under. A money making soulless concrete jungle run by rude incompetent leaders ( I use the word loosely) full of Vietnamese , Korean students with little support. No community, poor resources, bad educators with dubious pasts re sign on. Huge classroom sizes, list goes on ...
  19. makhnovite

    makhnovite Occasional commenter

    Sounds like a lot of schools in South East Asia
  20. dumbbells66

    dumbbells66 Established commenter

    Ha ha...sounds like a lot of schools in Spain...but without the korean and vietmanese kids:)

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