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Vietnam - From the inside

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by saigonsurprise, May 9, 2011.

  1. For those considering Vietnam as their next destination I just wanted to say I highly recommend it.
    I came here 4 years go and have been working at a school in district 7, coming to Asia feels 'Like I have been born again' and my experiences here have been varied.
    Firstly I would not recomend Vietnam for single or larger women who are looking for a relationship, most men here who are single prefer the locals.I am from Australasia and have taught in many countries around the world.
    Vietnam is a beautiful country, the people are amazing and I have travelled extensively and made many friends here, both Vietnamese and expats. Vietnamese are by far the friendliest people I have ever met, they are also very shrewd as well.
    The package is fantastic, housing allowance is enough for a nice 2 bed apartment or smaller house, flights every year but sometimes the school does not pay on time, although recently there has been no late salaries, we are not meant to pay tax but each month tax changes on your payslip and you get less or more each month depending on what they decide. Contracts get amended as and when they please.
    You get no professional development at all, this is the main reason for leaving last year, we were told money had been given to put high school teachers through IB training and now they are trained I hear they are all leaving.
    Management is a joke, the HT is a wonderful man but is there as a face but has no choice and decisions about the school. The Deputy is possibly the laziest man I have ever met, he is unapproachable and not respected by any member of staff who are all too scared to respond to his loud outbursts. The owners of the school run it like a business, treating the teachers and students with no respect. There are no resources, no professional development, no prospects for career progression and very little value is put on the teachers. EAL is now run by Filipino and Vietnamese teaching assistants, us teachers were forced out the door to be replaced by the locals whose English is a second language. All of the new teachers are new teachers with no experience having just qualified, its great to get new teachers but there needs to be a balance of old and new and us "old" teachers just didn't fit any more.
    Anyway, before you consider Vietnam try and look at all of the schools in HCMC there are some very good ones.

  2. Hi,
    Which are the best schools there would you say? Your post is very interesting and gives very mixed recommendations - would you say on balance a move to Vietnam would be a good decision?
    Any advice very welcome.

  3. happygreenfrog

    happygreenfrog Occasional commenter

    Nice to hear about Vietnam schools. Sending my application off tonight for the present TES advertised post and will get back to the thread if it progresses anywhere. Cheers for the background.
  4. Doesn't sound like the GB school. My partner works for that school and he is always paid the correct amount and on time :)
  5. The rebirth school is not one to head to unless you want, EAL taught by
    Vietnamese staff, unqualified EAL teacher from the UK with NO
    qualifications, Unqualified Yr 5 teacher from Canada, with NO teaching
    There is also an alcholic teacher who is always drunk at
    school, abusing everybody, she has been there years and nobody says anything!
  6. Can only comment on the GB school in District 2, but I would recommend it. The teachers there are by and large excellent and a pleasure to work with. Salaries are good and benefits package fine. Kids are an absolute pleasure to teach. The management is like management anywhere, if you can avoid having dealings with them you'll be happier for it, but neither are they deliberately obstructive like they are in many international schools. The ownership of the school is a presence but not an interfereing one.

    I didn't love living in Vietnam (but plenty do) but it has definite pluses and is very cheap to live. You can travel easily from there, both domestically and internationally.
  7. The GB school in District 2 is the one advertising several positions on TES at the moment to start Aug 2012- is that right?
    Has anyone got any up to date info on this school please, particularly the Early Years section.
    My husband is a secondary teacher and we have 2 boys aged 10 and 11 so are looking for a post that would suit family life. We have already enjoyed 4 years in Bangkok and are hoping to find more adventure. Vietnam has grabbed our interest so we would love to hear more.
    Thanks for all help,
  8. Hi
    I worked at this school for five years altogether, going back a second time 2007-2009 because i loved it so much, I worked in EY and loved it. I loved vietnam! It's not for everyone but it's truly a special place, it's also perfect for children. I know Saigon has changed a lot in the two years since I left but the kids are delightful, there are some fabulous teachers still there, the management were very supportive when I was there - although the heads of the primary campuses have changed since i think so i can't comment on that.
    Inbox me if you have any questions and good luck in your decision making! :)

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