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Victorians YR5/6

Discussion in 'Primary' started by wookster, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. wookster

    wookster New commenter

    This is my topic next half term - anyone got any ideas/planning/successes?

    I looked on the creative curriculum yahoo group but nothing on there.

  2. wookster

    wookster New commenter

    This is my topic next half term - anyone got any ideas/planning/successes?

    I looked on the creative curriculum yahoo group but nothing on there.

  3. emma44

    emma44 New commenter

    I've got a few PowerPoints and sheets I made a couple of years ago. Leave your address and I'll email them to you. They are not great because it was ages ago when I first started using PowerPoint but there might be something you can use.
  4. adsa

    adsa New commenter

    Here's my forward plan -hope it helps!


    1 WALT use visual resources and artefacts to tell us about the past Portrait Queen Victoria, Museum Artefact Box, History Detectives Worksheet Assess prior knowledge through discussion of photograph -Discuss timeline - Pairs circulate around artefacts - Discuss purpose and record answers on worksheet:
    2 WALT draw objects through close observation (Display) Artefacts, Paper Pupils will choose an artefact to draw in pencil - Write a short description of artefact chosen
    3 WALT identify the British Empire on a map Blank world maps, Atlases, Globe, Discuss British Empire (colonies, wars, powerful army) - Use maps to identify British Empire and mark on blank maps
    4 WALT describe the lives of rich Victorians Pictures and books of rich Victorian homes, clothes, servants, jobs, Victorian child's costume Discuss difference between rich/poor - Show pictures of rich/poor people (modern and Victorian) - Discuss differences - Show pictures of rich Victorian homes, clothes, servants, jobs etc.
    5 WALT describe the lives of poor Victorians Video, Victorian child's costume, Books and pictures Show video - Discuss homes (sewers, water, candles, overcrowding, gardez lou, tin bath, coal fires, blankets) and clothes - Discuss how overcrowding, poor sanitation and lack of water led to disease and death
    6 WALT create our own Victorian slums (Display) Paper, scissors, Glue, Pictures of houses, street scenes, Video Pupils work in pairs to create a Victorian home for class display - Add in any extra details, street lights, sewers etc :
    7 WALT write a postcard in the correct format Postcard template Pupils write a postcard from a rich Victorian to his friend about the conditions of the slums
    8 WALT identify the different jobs that Victorian children did and describe their working conditions Books, Worksheet, Internet Pairs use books and internet to research each job (Chimney sweep, matchgirl, factory worker, servant)- Record information on worksheet - Share findings with class in report format
    9 WALT to use the drama tool hot seating Child's costume (rich/poor) Two pupils dress in costumes - Hot seating in role - Swap with other children
    10 WALT write a diary entry from a Victorian child Lined Paper Pupils write diary entry of a child worker
    11 WALT create our own Victorian costume Costume books and pictures, Paper, Scissors, Glue Groups will draw around one person then create a rich and a poor Victorian child with appropriate costumes :
    12 WALT describe the new laws that Lord Shaftesbury helped introduce Laminated copies of new child labour laws and laws about schooling Groups discuss what each law means and its impact on Victorians (children, adults, workers, factory owners) - Share with class - Discuss role of Dr Barnardo
    13 WALT write a persuasive report from Lord Shaftesbury to the House of Commons Writing Planner Discuss reasons for children not working as class -Record on whiteboard - Use as prompt for writing :
    14 WALT identify Victorian inventions and describe their impact on Victorian life Laminated pictures of each invention and name of the inventor Groups to look at invention and discuss what its impact would have been on Victorians - light bulb, telephone, motor car, passenger steam train, penny black, radio, morse code - TV New report on one invention :
    15 WALT use morse code to send messages The Morse Code, Torches, Beaters and small drums Pairs will take it in turns to send and receive morse code messages - Morse code test with teacher relaying messages to class
    16 WALT describe the differences between Victorian and modern homes Pictures of inside a Victorian/modern home, Worksheet with 3 columns List items that would be found only in a modern home, only in a Victorian home, in both
    17 WALT sing Victorian songs Words/music to Victorian songs Pupils will learn a variety of Victorian songs
    18 WALT describe school life in Victorian times Video, Books, Internet, Artefacts (school gown, mortarboard hat, dunce cap, belt, slates, chalk, inkwell, rules), worksheet Teacher will describe school life in detail - Pupils write a description of function of each artefact on worksheet - Sketch artefact and write description (Display) :

    19 WALT recreate a Victorian classroom Gown, Mortarboard hat, dunce cap, belt, slates, chalk, inkwells, words to songs, Desks in rows P.E. -Drill
    Maths - Tables Chanting/Mental Maths
    Music - Victorian Songs
    Handwriting - Copy school rules
    English - Dictation exercise :::
    20 WALT describe the toys that Victorian children played with Pictures/Artefacts Victorian toys, worksheet Pairs will circulate to look at toys and record what they think they were used for on worksheet - Share ideas with class - Draw Diagram of Victorian child with toys and modern child with toys - Note similarities/differences
    21 WALT identify Christmas traditions that started in Victorian times Victorian Traditions Worksheet Discuss traditions today and discuss Victorian traditions (Cards, crackers, Trees, Decorations, Angels) - Create own stocking /Card design :

    22 WALT identify Victorian adverts Range of modern day/Victorian adverts Discuss differences/similarities - Record on whiteboard - Create own advert for Victorian product (TV advert) - Record and play to class
    23 WALT identify the differences between Cowdenbeath today and in Victorian times Maps of Cowdenbeath (modern/Victorian) Pairs work together to circle any differences on Victorian map

    24 WALT identify any Victorian influence in our local environment Clipboards, Paper, Pens, Risk Assessment Environmental walk to local high street to look for any Victorian architecture :

    25 WALT create birds eye view maps of our local area Paper Look at objects through birds eye view - draw on whiteboard - identify - draw outline of school - Pairs complete bird eye view of local area - Add in Victorian influences :
    26 WALT demonstrate our knowledge of the Victorian period Paper Class test with questions to test knowledge gained throughout topic

  5. teamadmiral

    teamadmiral New commenter

    There's loads of websites and interactive stuff - think I've got a list of weblinks somewhere, leave an address and I'll send them to you.
  6. adsa

    adsa New commenter

    Sorry that should be in a table and easier to read, but it didn't copy correctly.
  7. headline history is a nice little site
  8. I am doing this at the moment.We are using Oliver Twist and Street Child as our starting points and I have Fagins Den as Role play.It is going very well.
    Got together resourse/artefacts to play at being a victorian.Film as a starting point-both B+W and Roman Polanski-great website linked to the film.
    Got to go to school now
  9. wookster

    wookster New commenter

    thanks for all your ideas

    esp adsa they look fantastic lessons definately will give me a starting point.
  10. wookster

    wookster New commenter

    ab86 just looked at your planning too - someuseful resources thanks for sharing.
  11. kirstenly

    kirstenly New commenter

    Any chance I could get a copy of your PowerPoints too please? I'm having a Victorian week at school and gathering as many resources as I can.



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