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Victorian themed trip in North West

Discussion in 'Primary' started by KylerS, Aug 7, 2015.

  1. Hi everyone and I hope you're enjoying the holidays.

    Anyone in the North West know of any trips related to Victorians please? Specifically, we are studying Street Child (year 5) and Victorian children. Last year's trip was to a mill. As a new member of staff in the year group, I'm not sure whether the last trip was too focussed on mill life, but my colleague did suggest we find another trip if we can.

    I know when I was in year 5, we had a day at Wigan Pier where Victorian school scared me!

    There is a great website that have visits, but I've been specifically advised to look at trips, as visits are for the next term.

    Thanks in advance
  2. You may have found this now but Salford Museum has a replica Victorian Street, apparently it is very good. www.salfordcommunityleisure.co.uk/.../lark-hill-place

    I've never taken a class there but colleagues have and they were full of positive things.

    There is also Styal Mill, I assume that is the mill you refer to. Good luck.

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