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Victorian Schools and Victorian Teachers

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by moo_moo_cow88, Oct 24, 2009.

  1. Hi,

    My year 5s are studying the Victorian next term and I am trying to arrange a school trip to a Victorain school where they can dress up etc. I am wondering if anyone knows of a Victorian school in the North West that does this? Or a teacher that will dress up/ act as a Victorian teacher that goes into schools to do talks and activities?
    Thanks in advance.
  2. I did this myself last year, it was fantastic. I searched for KS2 Victorian School or something like that in google and there was planning for a victorian day. It went really well and the children enjoyed it. Is there no possibility of you doing it yourself? The children get a lot out of comparing the difference between how their teacher acts normally and how they act in a Victorian school.
  3. Macclesfield Museum have a Victorian schoolroom where the kids dress up and are taught a typical Victorian lesson by a School Marm. They love it.
    At Christmas they change theme and decorate a parlour room in a traditional manner. A "character" tells the story of a Victorian Christmas and the types of toys children received differentiating between the rich and the poor.
    Craft workshops are also available for the afternoon session.
    You can call them to discuss if it`s a suitable visit for your Y5`s.
  4. Thanks for your help... will deffo ring and ask museum if not might dress up as a victorian teacher myself.

    thanks again
  5. Keep Smiling!

    Keep Smiling! New commenter

    I think Tatton Park may do something like this, if you google them I think all the information is on the website.
    We did the Victorians last half term and for one of the lessons I took on the role of a Victorian teacher. I rearranged the classroom so they were sat in rows and had them reciting the school rules and times tables. I then gave them handwriting (I'd found a victorian template) and some maths. I really focussed on the boys being more important and if they were stuck I refused to help them.
    My class absolutely loved it! I kept slamming a metre ruler on the desks and every time someone giggled I made them stand up on one leg or something else silly. They begged for me to do it again so we actually did another lesson in that style! It was really good for the children to compare how it was then and how it is now. Good luck!
  6. martianpoolwoman

    martianpoolwoman New commenter

    Yellow Brick road workshops for schools are based in northwest covering Macclesfield Cheshire Stockport and Manchester. They do drama literacy and history workshops in schools .

    they cover Victorians and many other topics having 28 workshops .

    Their website is http://yellowbrickroadworkshops.webeden.co.uk

    their contact details are on the site

  7. quarry bank mill has a schooroom. My colleague and I did this ourselves and were in role all day. Was great.
  8. martianpoolwoman

    martianpoolwoman New commenter

    Further to the above about Yellow Brick Road workshops and what they offer , Knutsford ,Cheshire has its own performing Arts company under the patronage of Paul McCartney's Liverpool Institue of performing Arts The staff are LIPA staff and are trained by them . LIPA 4;19 under Alison Gorton a member of Lipa staff in Liverpool.
  9. martianpoolwoman

    martianpoolwoman New commenter

    Yellow Brick Road workshops are doing a Charles Dickens anniversary special for February 2012 . an hour and a half lesson about Victorian times linked to Charles Dickens and his characters .
    Based in the North West , the workshop comprises a lively mix of drama , history and literacy for KS 2 and 3 .
    Google for them to find their site

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