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Victorian/Communication Creative Topic

Discussion in 'Primary' started by cocopop77, Oct 27, 2009.

  1. Our school are looking to introduce a more creative curriculum.
    We are beginning with a whole school topic of Communication. As I teach Year 5, I thought we could explore this topic with a Victorian theme, where we focus in on Victorian inventions, a number of which are communication linked.
    Has anyone done anything similar to this before or have any suggestions of how I can introduce this topic in a Wow way?
    Has anyone used the Hamilton Trust Victorian topic resources and found them any good?
  2. Anyone used the Hamilton Trust Victorian topic resources?
  3. hi,
    haven't used the hamilton trust resources but did do a Victorian topic with year 3 last year.
    We looked at electricity and morse code in science, making circuits, using buzzers/switches to send messages to each other (have headache pills at the ready!)
    We also did some research into famous Victorians (e.g inventors, artists, Queen Vic...) and made information books about them, then did drama activities around this e.g. hotseating/interviewing children as various inventors and doing a couple of dragons den style sessions wherer children presented their invention as Edison, Bell or whoever...or even just presented an invention of their own.
    There is also a company called timezone who I came across when I was a PGCE student 2years ago- they don't seem to have a website but i have a phone number for them somewhere if you want it. the come in to school, bringing everything with them and do a day/half day - I think when they came to the school I was in it was Saxons for the day- really interesting and they even bought spears and shields for army training in the afternoon. (obviously not real nd dangerous spears but they look extremely convincing!) kids loved the whole day. I'm certain they do Victorian days as well so might be worth looking them up. They're based in the midlands but came to the school Iwas training in in Cambridge.

    sorry, nothing too ground breaking there really but hope it helps!
  4. Thanks for these ideas. Love the Dragon's Den idea. We will definitly have a go at that.
  5. Hi, I appreciate that this thread is a few years old but I am an NQT about to start a Victorians Topic with a mixed 3/4 class and am struggling for ideas for what to cover in literacy (e.g which narrative unit to explore and appropriate texts to use. So far all the resources I have come across have been aimed at year 5 and 6. If you have any tips or planning you could share with me I would be really grateful! Sarahlucy16@aol.com. [​IMG]

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