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Very very faint line of Clear Blue

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by Purplepasta326, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. Purplepasta326

    Purplepasta326 New commenter

    Have an inkling that I might be pregant. TTC and did all the right dates etc, period now 5 day lat, lots of signs. Did a test 3 days ago with first urine of the day (although I had been in the night) and the result looked negative, however under the light I can see a very very faint purpleish line. My husband says it is just the line thta is on the test that Would show up clearly IF it were positive but my sister is convinced I am pregnant as a simillar thing happened to her. Dont want to do another test again as it might wither be too early or my period might come on (and the tests are pretty expensise). Opinions/ Advice?

    Thanks xxxx
  2. Do another test. Or buy a digital one - you can't misinterpret words! Good luck!
  3. The tests say that a line is a line, no matter how feint! HCG levels that they detect, double every two days so if you test again tomorrow, first thing your HCG should be 4 times higher than it was when you last tested. I used the ebay ones which worked out at about 20p a go but the Asda and Tesco ones are reasonably cheap and you won't have to wait for them to arrive. I also found they showed a BFP a few days before the eay ones.
    Could be a great new year surprise and probably worth knowing for sure if you are planning anything big in terms of partying tomorrow night!
    Fingers crossed for you
  4. blueone

    blueone New commenter

    Same thing happened to me. I had a very very faint line on a very cheap test, it was so faint i had to hold it up to a light to see it. Anyway, OH dismissed it, saying it didnt show anything. I wasnt really keeping track of periods, but i did feel 'funny' and extremely tired. I still wasnt convinced that i wasnt pregnant though, and to be sure a few days later i paid for a clear blue test and lo and behold, I was pregnant! just, about 2 weeks. I would be inclined to say if there is any line there, it is a huge positive. But just to be sure get a clear blue to confirm as im sure you cant live the next few weeks in limbo (ie should i/ shouldnt i go out, eat that etc..) I think I paid £13 for 2 so not too expensive.
    Good Luck x
  5. I had the same thing - a realllly faint line. It was a cheap generic test and the line was really faint so I went straight out and bought a Clear Blue Digital one which said I was 1-2 weeks. I'm now 23 weeks pregnant so it was right!
    Goodluck and let us know what happens!

  6. They say that the blue line tests are less reliable than red line ones. The blue line ones are more likely to come up with evaporation lines if you check it after the recommended time. First response Early response are a good red line option.
  7. Purplepasta326

    Purplepasta326 New commenter

    Did a first response this morning and it is positive!!!
  8. Congratulations! What a lovely start to the New Year! Xx
  9. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Congratulations! Wishing you loads of luck and happiness!x
  10. anetn0085

    anetn0085 New commenter

    I'm not sure how to start a new thread but I have the same question.. this is the result I got this morning and so far I am one day late for my period... I have minor cramps I can't tell if it's going to be period but I took a test and got a faint line and so far no blood.. am I pregnant??

    Attached Files:

  11. Kartoshka

    Kartoshka Established commenter

    @anetn0085 that is not a faint line, that's very clear (in my opinion)! Congratulations :)
  12. jeswes

    jeswes New commenter

    Looks very positive to me, congratulations, it's an amazing feeling getting that positive result!

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