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Very thin blue vertical line on Clearblue- pregnant??

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by bruno71, Dec 7, 2009.

  1. Still no sign! I was always pretty regular before I went on the pill, then came off it a few months ago and everything returned to normal immediately after stopping it. That is what I find so strange- I was expecting when I came off it to have to wait ages for one/have irregular cycles, but it went back to 28 days straight away and has been this way for the last few months.
    I have noticed in the evenings I am getting quite strong aches, which I would normally get whilst I was on, so each morning I wake up expecting AF to have arrived, but nothing. I am going to go to GP next week if the situation doesn't change.
  2. mermy

    mermy Occasional commenter

    Sorry to hear that you are still in limbo. Please keep us updated here and yes go to the GP if needed. But hopefully you will know soon one way or the other.
  3. Hello,
    Bruno71, just wanted to share my story. I came of the pill (Yasmine) in april and had 3 cycles of 28 days exactly. Felt very relieved that it had all gone back to 'normal'. However, my forth month, i had a 38 day cycle, was convinced i was pregnant, had lots of symtoms to suggest i was, so was gutted when AF showed up! Now, 38 days seems to be my new norm, (before going on the pill was always 28). Will keep trying for a few months and maybe think about going to the docs if nothing happens.
    Just thought i'd share that with you, as you seem quite worried and were talking about going to the GP. Still might be an idea if it hasnt arrived by next week.
    Take care
  4. Hi, just thought I would post an update!
    The strong ache type pains I was having earlier in the week continued yesterday and I was getting a stabbing pain in one side, so made a GP appointment as was getting a bit concerned. I went last night and he said that I have all the symptoms of early pregnancy, so did what he called a 'proper pregnancy test' which he said would be sent off to the lab and would be back this afternoon, so asked me to phone this pm. I have just phoned and the receptionist said the results are not back and that they are never back the following day and usually take up to four days!!! It was a junior doctor who didn't really seem to know what he was doing! So now I have to wait until next Tuesday to find out, AHHH!!!
  5. mermy

    mermy Occasional commenter

    OMG! We are all impatient with you. Tuesday? I can't wait that long how are you going to manage [​IMG] It sounds promising though that the doc agrees that you might be pregnant. Hm, Tuesday is the 22nd. That is when I had my BFP a year ago. Did he say you could try peeing on a stick in the meantime? I really hope this is it for you.
  6. Good luck Bruno! I have been following this with fingers crossed for you.
  7. Eeeek! Can't wait to find out! x
  8. No he didn't suggest HPTs in the meantime becasue he thought that the results were going to be back the next day! He was a new doctor and ddin't know what he was doing- I know that we were all new to our professions once, but I just wanted a clear answer yesterday. If he had told me that it would be four days I would have asked him about HPTs and whether the GPs one was more sensitive so was it worth doing more at home etc. etc. Instead I left thinking that when I phoned up today I would know the answer for sure, only to be told by the receptionist that it normally takes four days!
    He only did a urine test not a blood, so I don't even know whether that will be more sensitive that HPTs?? Anyway, suffice to say AF has still not arrrived, this is driving me bonkers!!
  9. mermy

    mermy Occasional commenter

    As far as I know the urine tests at the docs are the same as at home. Hm... I thought he had taken blood because they are definite. Just a thought - have you tried one of those digital ones? The ones where it says pregnant or not pregnant?
  10. No the last one I tried was a first response, but it was a clear negative as were the two previous ones, only the first Clearblue was an uncertainty at the time, although now I think that was a negative too. I don't see the point in paying more for a digital one, because it is not as though the last few have been a faint positive and hard to read, they have all been definite negatives.
    Am really annoyed because made the effort to go to docs and was prepared for a blood test and now it looks like I am going to be no nearer knowing than I was before I went!
  11. mermy

    mermy Occasional commenter

    I would also be annoyed. Sorry, I can't really help. I just hope that you can distract yourself this weekend and hopfeully Tuesday you will get the result you want. You are right, no point wasting more money, so you (and we) have to be patient. Really frustrating situation for you...
  12. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    I too have been following your story, and hope it good news next week!
  13. Thanks very much for the well wishes, will keep you all updated.
    Here's to a weekend of distractions!![​IMG]
  14. mermy

    mermy Occasional commenter

    [​IMG] (I suggest retail therapy)
  15. Right, Hi there, first of all im new here, secondly i am in the same boat as you at exactly the same time!! I was due on my period on 14/12/09, still waiting, on the 15th I did a clear blue test and within the 2 min mark I got a thin vertical line as if someone had drawn it on with a fineliner pen! I was worried this might have been a false positive, so I asked a pharmacist who said, that any reaction in that time limit should really indicate a positive and to repeat the test in a few days. Well being as impatient as I am i bought a boots own, and tested on the 16th clear negative!! Anyway I went out this morning and bought another clear blue, i am sure there was a faint positive, the same sort of reaction as the first, but quicker! Still unsure though, as of today, no af, and no symptoms except mild crampin, and a couple of twinges in my hip area. I already have 4 children ( so you would think i would know lol!) that includes a set of twins. My husband has currently been deployed to the fauklands, till march. My mum has terminal cancer and I dont really know what to do. Help! x
  16. I have been reading your thread with great interest. It must be a very unsettling time for you to say the least. Everyone is different so try not to compare your self to others symptoms/tests etc.
    When I got my positive earlier this week I really didn't think I was pregnant but I was 5 days late. My boobs were really sore but I always get that before AF so I just though it was on the way. I only bought the test as it was BOGOF and I thought I could rule it out as to why AF hadn't yet come. The next morning I wasn't even going to bother doing it until the curiosity took over! Straight away 2 thick lines popped up [first response]. I did the second one the next day though to make sure and although there was deffo a line there it was much lighter than the day before.

    It's a confusing little thing! I hope you get the news that you are after!
  17. Hi, I typed out a reply last night but then computer froze so it didn't wok and didn't have the energy to redo it!
    Firstly, twinmummy4 I hope you are ok, I have no words of wodom for you really, but big hug to you. People on here are very kind so keep coming back for support.
    The plot thickens with me! I phoned the GPs yesterday as was impatient and thought that the results might have come back early, only to be told by the receptionist that there is no trace of them at the hospital! So I was the right, the doc didn't know what he was dpoing- god only knows where he has sent them. The recptionist said that she has spoken to a senior doctor who said that HPTs are as sensitive as the urine test they do, so recommended that I do another one of those. I did and it was negative again. The repctionist offered me another app on Mon with a senior doctor.
    Now I don't know what to do because still have no AF, still have really sore/swollen boobs, skin is awful, weird taste in my mouth- in fact the only 'typical symptom' I don't have is the need to wee more! The pains have died down now, and seen as they were the reason why I went on Wed, I don't see the point in going back Mon, only to be told to wait and see! AAAHHH!!!

  18. mermy

    mermy Occasional commenter

    This is really strange. I feel for you, it must be so unsettling and confusing. I'd go to the GP on Monday if I was you and ask for a blood test. I don't know if you watch the programme but there is something on Home & Health called 'I didn't know I was pregnant' and there are often women who take tests and they are negative. For some reason they can take one test after the other and they all have the same result. You still don't have your AF and even if you are not pregnant you need to see if there is something else happening with your body so I'd definitely go to the surgery again.
    In the meantime, sending you hugs and I hope you can rest a little.
  19. I know!! My husband doesn't find it surprising though because if this type of thing was going to happen to someone, it would be me, I couldn't possibly have just a straight forward yes or no!!
    I might keep my docs app on Monday, because would really like to know one way or another in time for Christmas (although if they do take blood on Monday I don't think the results will be back in time).
    Anyway, I will continue to keep you posted!

  20. In fairness i think with blood results, they are usually a 24hr thing, because they usually do one, get the results and 48 hrs later do another one to check your hcg levels are rising normally. I cant go to gp, cos i am staying with family over xmas, 220 miles away from home, lol. I did another test today which is a 25miu one and i swear that had a faint positive, but i could be seeing things lol. I have read though it is normal to have as low as 17miu hcg in your body up till the 6th week, which means some standard tests might not show, i have ordered some 10 miu ones on ebay, should be here tomorrow, that should definetly show if i am or not!! Good luck, wish you all well in your journeys xx

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