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Very early pregnancy spotting.....help!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by omega2.5, Mar 31, 2011.

  1. ((mariposa)) Take care of youself. Xx
  2. Thanks so so much girls for your best wishes. I went to school and it was quite theraputic. We finish for Easter tomorrow so one day to go. Just feel so angry, deflated and useless. I keep apologising to hubby. 23 months of TTCing, 2 early losses and an IVF appointment in May. What a rollercoaster! Thanks for your post genic-how did they determine your problem? X
  3. I think you're incredibly brave to have gone to work. I went in the next day when it happened to me and ended up in tears and had to come home. I think genic's post is a huge comfort to everyone in a similar situation. I hope, if possible, that you're feeling as ok as possible today. Take care of yourself xx
  4. Mariposa - stop apologising to hubby! THIS WAS NOT YOUR FAULT. I do understand feeling deflated and useless though hun xxx
    The NHS could not help us as killer cell testing is not yet part of their protocol. We went to a private clinic on Harley Street - Mr Shehata, who is a God in my eyes. Apparently High KCs can also impeed implantation at IVF. If you do a google for natural killer cells, or immune therapy, there is a WEALTH of info out there.
    I so hope that you will find some peace over the holidays and you recover physically and mentally. Keep the faith - it CAN and WILL happen, just that some of us need to wait a bit longer for our miracle. xxx
  5. Thanks genic x

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