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Vegetarian recipes for slow cooker

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by lucyrose50, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. lucyrose50

    lucyrose50 Occasional commenter

    I've just bought a slow cooker (£9 from Tesco, seemed silly not to!) with the vague idea of using dried beans and suchlike more often in my cooking, but now I've got it home it's sitting there looking at me and I'm not sure where to start with it. I'm a pretty experienced cook, I can make all sorts of meals whether from recipes or making it up as I go along, but I've not used a slow cooker before - I understand the basic principles of how to use it though. I've had a look at some recipe books but I can't find any that are vegetarian so there's no point me buying something where I'd only use the token veggie chapter.There are some veggie slow cooker books on Amazon but they've all got quite contradictory reviews so I'm reluctant to buy one without seeing it. Has anyone got one they'd recommend? I'm really after recipes that I can chuck together in the slow cooker and just switch it on, if I'm going to have to cook bits of it separately then I may as well just do it in a pan as normal. Something I did notice was that a lot of the recipes in the books I saw were for things that I could make really quickly and easily in an ordinary pan so I don't really see the point in using a slow cooker. Fair enough for things that actually require long cooking on a low heat (or taste better like that), but pasta sauce with tinned tomatoes, in a slow cooker? Seriously?! I could make that in 10 minutes on the hob!
    Cheers for any tips or recommendations.
  2. Throw somechopped veg and tinned pulses in, add passata and a bit of boiling water and leave for a few hours.

    I'm told you can butter a potato and cook in a slow cooker but I have not tried this myself.
    Steamed puddingsmade with suet work well -make the pud in a glass or plastic basin, put it in the slow cooker, pour boiling water around the base up to about 2 inches and leave to steam.
    You are right that somethings are better cooked slowly and this is where slow cookers come in, some of the cook books seem out to prove you can cook anything in a slow cooker, whether it is the best method or not. So things like chilli, or pulses, or curry work well but as you say tinned tomatoes and pasta - do it on the hob.

  3. Rose
    There's a great site - all recipies I think it's called....I'll send a link if you like gmbell7@hotmail.com
    We eat 90% veggie but the pressure cooker's my fave for speedy beans, etc. Got a great curry recipe....that can simmer away till the sweet / pot's are done. Also, slow cook's great for keeping stuff warm. Can I recommend the George Forman grill thing (Tesco version)...we do paninis in it....amazing.....Cheers!
  4. Bethannie

    Bethannie New commenter

    Lentils are fantastic in the slowcooker. And they are the base of quite a few 'throw everything in together and leave it recipes'...curries, chillies and bolognese/shepherdess pie .
    If I'm doing a 'quick' sauce for pasta, then I'll use the hob. But I use the slowcooker to do a bigger batch of lentils (or quorn mince), tomatoes. onions, carrots et.c and use one portion for a pasta sauce and then freeze the rest in portions - for pasta sauce, shepherdess pie or chilli.(In much the same way as I do a minced beef and tomato mix)
    I always have a packet of 'soup mix' (assorted pulses and grains) in the cupboard. This is great to add to left over veggies and veggie sausages for a thick warming slowcokked onepot stew. And you can add dumplings at the end too.
  5. rosaespanola

    rosaespanola New commenter

    Thanks everyone...I'll give some of your ideas a try, I was mostly thinking I'd just chuck a random selection of beans/lentils/veg/herbs/spices in there and see how it turned out, I'm not sure how long to leave it and I know it's different depending on the slow cooker so I'll do it on Sunday when I'll be at home (planning for lesson observations on Mon/Tues, grr!) and can keep an eye on it. Cheers for the suggestions, keep them coming if anyone else wants to contribute!
  6. rosaespanola

    rosaespanola New commenter

    I've used that site before actually, so I'll have a look. I've not had time to do much online searching for recipes this week but I know there are some good things on allrecipes. I've had some great cake recipes from there!


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