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Vegas help!!

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Crystalsecrets, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. Crystalsecrets

    Crystalsecrets New commenter

    I am trying to twist the OH's arm to going to Vegas in the summer. After trawling lots of sites i am overwhelmed by the amount of things there are to do. Can anyone who has been give me some ideas on what to see/do and what to avoid like the plague?
    Also if anyone has been to San Francisco i need recommendations for there too.
    I'm working on the theory the more research i do the better chance i have of convincing him we need to go, lol.

    Thanks in advance

    Crystal x
  2. Crystalsecrets

    Crystalsecrets New commenter

    I am trying to twist the OH's arm to going to Vegas in the summer. After trawling lots of sites i am overwhelmed by the amount of things there are to do. Can anyone who has been give me some ideas on what to see/do and what to avoid like the plague?
    Also if anyone has been to San Francisco i need recommendations for there too.
    I'm working on the theory the more research i do the better chance i have of convincing him we need to go, lol.

    Thanks in advance

    Crystal x
  3. laffal0t

    laffal0t New commenter

    Ask the Greenster.... She went to Vegas a couple of years ago didnt she?? Oh has been... Lots of sights! Lol .... But he wasn't too impressed! Mind you he was only 'passing through' others have said its brilliant...
  4. Take some time to go into as many of the hotels/casinos as you can and see which ones you like the best.
    My personal highlights of my trip a few years ago were:
    The heicopter ride out to the Grand Canyon. Absolutley amazing. Do it!
    The fountain display at the Bellagio, set to music. Doesn't sound like much but I thought it was great.
    'Old Town' vegas where some of the original hotels remain (Golden Nugget, Four Queens etc). Not on the strip but well worth a visit, particularly in the evening, when they do the overhead light display.
    Oh and of course the shopping centres but particularly the one at Ceasar's Palace. Fantastic!
    Vegas is tacky and it is plastic but for a few days it's a lot of fun. Enjoy!
  5. 576

    576 Established commenter

    You have to spend a day on the excursion to the Grand Canyon. It is amazing. I splashed out on the helicopter ride and it was worth every penny,
    I also went to downtown Vegas - where they were filming CSI!
    If it's still running the Titanic exhibit at the Luxor is amazing.
    Treasure Island does a good pirate show about 7pm I think.
    If you go to San Francisco and want to do Alcatraz book onine before you go, I tried to book on my first day there but they were sold out 10 days ahead and I only had 6 days there. So the closest I got was a bay cruise that went around the island.
    Go down to Pier 39 (that might be the wrong number) potter around and see the sealions.
    Golden Gate Park is worth a visit - especially the Japanese garden in there (admission price)
    If you're into ghost stories there's a good ghost walk in SF though it was a bit too serious for me.
  6. Agree with lots of the above especially the Bellagio fountains - amazing.
    Try and see a CIrque du Soleil show. We saw O which was fantastic.
    Lots of time spent just walking around and looking at the casinos.
    If you like good scenery and are willing to hire a car then a visit to Red Rock Canyon or Valley of Fire is well worth it. If you want to make a big road trip of it then there is some amazing desert scenery at the national parks in Arizona and Southern Utah- Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands, Arches and Zion are some my favourite places in the states after many trips there.
    As for San Francisco then ride a cable car, do lots of walking around the wharf area, visit Alcatraz, get a ferry to Sausalito and walk back to the city across the Golden Gate Bridge.
    I'll keep thinking...
  7. bombaysapphire

    bombaysapphire Star commenter

    Another vote for the Bellagio fountains here.
    There is an aquarium in Mandalay Bay which was fun. My favourite ride is the New York, New York roller coaster. The ones at the top of the Stratosphere scare me to death but it is entertaining to watch other people coming off them.
    Walk the whole length of the strip then ride back on the monorail. Avoid Friday and Saturday nights. It feels as if the world has descended on Vegas and you can barely walk down the street.
    Definitely go to the Grand Canyon. Next time I go I want to take the trip by helicopter that drops you right in the canyon and then they take you on a boat ride on the river. The Valley of Fire is lovely too. Mr BS and I got married there then a few days later we took a trip there with quad-biking which was great.
  8. If you like rollercoaster the one in New York, New York is great. We also enjoyed the fountain display at the Bellagio. We stayed at the Luxor and thought it was great. We had lunch at the revolving restaurant at the top of the Stratosphere which was brilliant, as it gave great views over the whole area. There was a bus called The Deuce (I think) which went up and down the Strip which was quite good. it was hop on, hop off with commentary and not too expensive from what I remember - saved us a lot of walking in the heat.
    I locve San Francisco. Definitely agree with previous post about booking Alcatraz online before you go - it's worth a visit and gets very booked up. We also enjoyed going on the city bus tour, which took us around the main sights, not everyone's idea of how to do it, but when you are on a time limit, a good way of seeing most things.Golden Gate Park (especially the Japanese Gardens) were lovely. We went for a trip out to Muir Woods (Redwoods) and Sausalito for half a day as well, which was good.
  9. Xericist

    Xericist New commenter

    I'd also recommend taking a trip to the southern strip - the original vegas. Also if you are an adrenaline junkie go to the Stratosphere - roller coasters etc atop a 110 storey skyscraper. An evening coach tour is also great value if time is tight.
  10. Xericist

    Xericist New commenter

    My SF musts are: - trolley bus ride; Pier 19 to see the sea lions; bus to Golden Gate bridge; and a baseball game if you are sporty - amazing experience.
  11. Good point. Go during the week.
    Watching the Bellagio fountains from the top if the Eiffel Tower at the Paris hotel is also well worth the money. Excellent views over the whole city too. Go there after dark for the best experience.
  12. BelleDuJour

    BelleDuJour Star commenter

    Sealions in Vegas are on pier 39 but I think I heard that they had all left. Pity.
  13. Some of our family live near SF and we would recommend,
    Fisherman's Wharf - Pier 39 for the sea lions
    China town and Japan town
    Golden Gate park
    Ghiradelli square for ice cream/chocolate
    Haight-Ashbury to see where the summer of love started!
    Go over the bridge, or take a ferry, to Sausalito a quaint town
    There is masses to see and do around the area - wines,food, art, coastal scenery ...
    Have a great time
  14. grandelf

    grandelf New commenter

    They must have been too warm in the desert.
  15. Las Vegas - go to all of the main hotels as they are amazing inside. Make sure you find out the timings of the shows e.g. treasure island show where they put on a mini performance.
    San Francisco - take time to actually walk across The Golden Gate bridge. Visit China town - we had the most amazing duck we've ever had when we went there. There's a really sweet collection of old fashioned arcade games you can have a go on, can't remember which pier it is at the end of.
    Both are brilliant in different ways and I'd recommend them both!
  16. SF- Alcatraz- but you must book before you get out there- amazing! Hire a bike from pier 39 and cycle across the golden gate bridge over to sauslito and catch the ferry back. A great couple of hours. Japan town in SF in brill with great restaurants and a lovely peace garden. Also visit Lombard street- drive it if you dare.

    Vegas- in addition to those things already said- The aquarium at mandalay bay is impressive, the wynn just for some class and elegance, the venetian- take a gondola ride and be blown away with the replica paintings and statues! The bellagio fountains are a must and the ice cream there is out of this world. I really enjoyed the dolphins at the Mirage and if you have cash to burn you can be a dolphin trainer for a day. Go up the stratosphere tower at night for an amazing view of the strip. If you can afford it- it was about £60 each have a short flight over the strip- its great fun they pick you up from your hotel in a limo- have a glass of bubbly and then have a flight. magic. Grandcanyon is a must we did it on a coach as it was cheap but it was brilliant despite being a long day.
  17. Vegas is my happy place, I am
    planning on my 11th visit. Lots of great suggestions already. I would recommend you also look at
    the Trip Advisor Las Vegas Forum.

  18. Crystalsecrets

    Crystalsecrets New commenter

    Thank you everyone for taking time to reply. I have spent most of the weekend looking at sites and i'm soooooo excited.
    I'm loving all the suggestions and it's great that some of them are free!!! OH even went on google street view to walk down the strip ( i suspect it looks amazing lit up at night)
    I've narrowed it down to possibly staying at the Tropicana which is one end of the strip near the MGM which gives us lots of options within walking distance.
    We toyed with the idea of driving to San Francisco but have had to balance it with the cost of flying which is a lot cheaper, so flying it is. Thanks for the tips about Alcatraz as it is somewhere we would want to visit.
    If anyone has any more suggestions or tips please feel free to post anything and everything ( even if you think it's daft) It's such a big holiday for us i don't want to miss anything as you never know if you'll go back again :)
  19. How many nights do you plan on being in Vegas?
    There is a lot to see - I doubt you can do it all in one trip.
    Sounds stupid, but don't forget in the summer it will be HOT. Air con will save you inside but being out and about in the Vegas heat can be oppressive. (Not trying to put you off at all, just something to think about).
  20. Hi Crystalsecrets, do you have another hotel on your list to
    consider? I know that it all seems walking distance and is do able
    but in the heat of the summer you will flag pretty quickly.

    You can ride the bus (the Deuce) up and down the strip for approx
    $7 for a 24hr pass but it gets quite busy and travels slowly down the

    Also sign up for Restaurant.com for discount vouchers. Depending
    on when in the month you buy them you can get up to 80% off of a
    meal. We were sceptical at first but it is not a scam. Just read the
    small print carefully, sometimes you have to purchase two mains or it
    does not include alcohol or there is a minimum spend.

    I am getting excited for you!


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