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VCERT Engineering

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by jukka10101, Jan 19, 2016.

  1. jukka10101

    jukka10101 New commenter

    I have searched through a number of pages and couldn't see anyone else post details about this course.
    We have started delivery and have found the majority of the course to be good and would like to share ideas with others that have started already.

    Please let me know if you would like to make contact

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  2. tomleadbetter

    tomleadbetter New commenter

    Hi jukka! would love to hear your ideas. I'm looking into vcerts at the moment as an alternative to our GCSE options
  3. Gail101200

    Gail101200 New commenter

    Hi Jukka,
    I would be very interested to here what you think. I am looking at a number of different alternatives for our GCSE options.
  4. cefoster

    cefoster New commenter

    Hi I'm looking into moving to the vcert in Food/cookery as an alternative to the GCSE option. Although you deliver a different course I'd love to know what you think of the paperwork/quality assurance side of it as I would be the only member of staff offering it so am unsure about the quality assurance side in particular! Also do you think the course is good for all levels of ability or is it not pushing the higher ability pupils enough? Thanks.
  5. moryia

    moryia New commenter

    we have started delivering Vcert in engineering L2 as of Sept 15, we have written a set of framework documents, while not yet perfect have had a massive thumbs up from NCFE moderators. the moderation and QA process was rigorous as we have already had our first moderation for unit 1, the only thing I will say is that the moderation team doesn't rate the unit 1 exemplar material particularly highly and from my point of view was written poorly (as it was all written by a member of their staff and not a child) the exemplar material is also misleading as far as what information and how they would like it written.
    I have some high ability year 10 and 11 students taking the course and they are achieving merits and distinctions, we are also trialing the course with some other lower ability students, some of which are struggling with the content and we shall be entering for level 1, some of our lower ability students are achieving pass marks.
    we did have some reservation about the course being too easy for our students and that they would all get a distinction easily, but these fears have not been founded as the students are all working to wards their Fischer predicted grades.
  6. sav5000

    sav5000 New commenter

    Hi I have been reviewing our level 2 engineering provision. I am looking to move away from Btec. Currently deliver Btec award unit 1,2,7.

    The ncfe course looks viable I like the course spec and has drawing and cad element which is missing from Btec.

    Also looked at ocr nationals engineering design.

    Interested to hear how you are getting on with ncfe course
  7. oliver_r_james

    oliver_r_james New commenter

    Hi Moriya, We are looking to introduce the vcert in engineering from September, and I would be interested to make contact with you so you could perhaps offer an insight into how you have taught it. There seems to be very little training around. Thanks.
  8. jukka10101

    jukka10101 New commenter

    Hi again,
    We have just had our moderation visit for Unit 1 and the students are well underway with unit 3 and unit 2. The moderation visit was very successful with some very constructive comments from the moderator. All marking was accurate and grades accepted - phew!
    As for unit 2 (exam) I think that using CAD for the drawing parts, given the time now allowed would be of benefit to the pupils, especially in the recording of the process (print screen every few minutes).
  9. jukka10101

    jukka10101 New commenter

    The exemplar material was a little strange and not really very helpful, except to point out to the moderator that this is the standard that the marking should be held to. the board cannot issue material and grade it and then change their minds as to its validity. Why exemplar material was sent out with a 'not yet achieved' mark seems crazy.
  10. mrichards73

    mrichards73 New commenter

    We have just started delivering the vcert in engineering.
    The amount of work that needs to be evidenced seems to be quite simple but this would leave lots of time to freely explore engineering concepts that are not on the spec and our students would benefit from.
    I am a little worried that I am seeing the content in an over-simplified way as the exemplar material is pretty poor and would really appreciate anybody sharing student material that has actually been verified. Thanks.
  11. vegas2000

    vegas2000 New commenter

    HI Moryia

    I am currently delivering the V Cert Engineering courses and would like to share resources- have you put any up on line or can you email? I will return the favour with what we have put together so far
  12. feathers1

    feathers1 New commenter

    Hi we are starting the process of looking through the content and would welcome any first hand experience with knowing where to start with this course and how to begin delivering it. If you have time to contact me i would really appreciate the support.
  13. james_amber

    james_amber New commenter

    I have just been given the green light to move away from the D&T GCSE 9-1 and switch to VCERT Engineering. I've had a look on the ncfe website and they have some resources which look good but would appreciate anything anyone has or knows of and would be willing to share. As a school we used to run the Engineering Diploma, and by the looks of it this course looks like a watered down version of that with a lot of the same topics (sectors, drawing etc) would I be right in assuming this?
  14. sparks

    sparks New commenter

    The course is going to change for Sept 2018 - we can expect a draft spec and materials Feb 18 though. I understand that Unit 2 is going to move in-house, and Unit 1 is going to move to an external examination. The other thing is where a student scores a NYA on a section, it doesn't automatically mean the whole unit (then course) is failed either.
  15. lucythompson_ncfe

    lucythompson_ncfe New commenter

    Hi Everyone

    Just a quick update. The DfE have delayed their approvals process and so the new specification will be available on 23 Feb 2018. You can access it here along with information about the other supporting resources that will be made available:


    Lucy Thompson (Product Manager - Schools)
    0191 240 8976 | M: 0746 935 3104 | E: lucythompson@ncfe.org.uk
  16. alliray

    alliray New commenter

    Nice to hear there are others out there delivering this course, I have started this course this year, I need to organise a moderation visit, I'm really nervous that i have been doing it right. I too would love to get involved in anyone sharing resources, i have things for unit 1 and 3, but as yet have nothing in place for year 11, unit 2 and 4 (summer job).
    Am I right in thinking from lucy's comment above that the new spec will be from sept 2018?
  17. lucythompson_ncfe

    lucythompson_ncfe New commenter

    Hi Alliray, Yes you are correct! The new combined level 1/2 specification will be for teaching from September 2018, once approved by the DfE for the 2020 performance tables

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