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vari-focal contacts

Discussion in 'Personal' started by ResourceFinder, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. So, contacts and readers were starting to annoy so I decided on a 2 week trial of vari-focal contacts

    Been to try them in today and I could not see ... the reading was fine but the distance was no good at all

    They are going to get a slightly different prescription for me and a different brand so I will have two pairs to try next week to see if either are any good

    Does anyone else use them ... is your prescription different ... or is it going to be a case of me being one of the people who simply cannot wear them
  2. I had exactly the same problem when I first got contacts. They changed the prescription slightly and they were much better. I have since got a different brand that are better than the other brand. However what I do find is that my vari-focal glasses are still better than my contacts. I tend to wear my contacts for work because they are so much easier, but when I come home I put my glasses on because they are better to read with etc. I mentioned this to the optician and he said that vari-focal lenses are changing all the time, but that this was the case with a lot of people who wear vari-focal contacts.
    Hope that all makes sense.
  3. I couldn't see with them so I have a reading contact in one eye and a distance one in the other. Took a wee while to get used to but great now.
    I also only wear them at work and return to my glasses at home.
  4. I have tried that before ... could not manage them at all

    Well, we will see with the others

    Thanks both
  5. MarilynDan

    MarilynDan New commenter

    Complete disaster. Couldn't cope with them at all. Reading was fine but as soon as I looked up they took ages to focus in the distance and that kept on happening. Was in TESCO one day reading the print on a jar label and looked up, everywhere was so out of focus I was feeling around my cheeks to see if both had dropped out!
    Hated going from the outside sunshine into a room - paticularly cafes, restaurants etc - as I had to step inside and stand still for ages before I could focus on anything (I'm very, very short sighted) Not good. Driving at night was even worse.
    And the bloomin' things cost a fortune. Now I've no idea where they are.
  6. I have varifocal glasses and also varifocal contact lenses. I used to have 1 contact lens for distance and 1 for reading which were fine for a few years but my eyes changed and now I have the varifocal lenses. I tend to wear them more in summer so I can just use normal sunglasses. I can't see as well as I can with my glasses and have to take care to get things at the right distance when I am trying to read. I am also aware that it is a bit harder to read road signs at a distance when I am wearing my lenses. I do have regular check ups and my prescription has changed over time and I have tried different makes/types. My lenses are monthly disposables and I am very shortsighted.
  7. So, different make and different prescription

    Been wearing them for 2.5 hours

    Not walked into anything yet
  8. Different brands do vary amazingly and have different ways of calculating the best lens strength. I have worn purevision multifocals for about 4 years which have been great (longsighted so + strength for distance)-I have even had an increase in prescription strength for the lens in my poorer eye, to give me more clarity when reading.
    Last year after all the hype about acuvue oasys bifocals, I got my optician to get some in for me to try. They were very comfortable and I could read well close up, but I had double vision when I tried to read road signs and as for anything else in the distance, no chance; so went back to my purevision. I have really nice varifocal glasses with transition lens which cope well with the weak winter sun, but I do like to wear contact lens in the summer so that I can wear decent sunglasses.

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