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Vacancy with 'Outstanding Teacher wanted.' Should I apply?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by tomkins15, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. tomkins15

    tomkins15 New commenter

    I have been browsing the vacancies in every possible source, but feel completely unmotivated to apply for any of the jobs. They all seem to ask for an outstanding teacher - I have only managed to get satisfactory with lots of 'good elements' in my most recent observations and I wonder if there is any point in applying for these jobs. I have been teaching for almost 3 years and consider myself a very conscientious person - but the ratings for observations definitely affect the way I perceive myself as a teacher. I wonder if I am 'good enough' for these posts and constantly think there will be other teachers far better than me. It feels like a crisis of confidence - I had a bad experience in my NQT year - had a mentor who never mentored me - not a single meeting or discussion through the whole year - with her or the head. I was also bullied by the year group leader but said nothing for fear of reprisal (she was a senior leader) - it all knocked my confidence. It had started to build up again, since I left that school and have been doing supply at a lovely school full-time - but even there, I just get the 'satisfactory with lots of good elements' in my observations. Fellow teachers there say that leaders are going over the top because they are nervous due to poor results last summer and local govt. pressure. Wish I could just get back my motivation and self-belief.

  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    It seems all adverts now want outstanding teachers so state education is obviously fine because all new teachers will obviously be outstanding.[​IMG]
    I'm wary of adverts with "outstanding" teacher wanted - what does that say about the school and the demands / expectations placed on you? I'm also a bit wary of adverts which state they want evidence of outstanding observations or those schools where you suddenly get 4 vacancies - that is a high turnover at a primary school.
    I do understand - I have been out of full time teaching for a while and have been doing 1-1 in schools, supply work and private tutoring. I would love to go back part or full time but when I see the pressure and scrutiny everyone is under, I do question whether I want to get back into the firing line. But I do miss the team work and the sense of community you get in a school.
  3. v12


    Also, it's better to avoid schools advertising for a teacher who:
    '...must have a sense of humour...'
  4. lapinrose

    lapinrose Star commenter

    I worry about the 'flexible teacher' ads, do they want someone who'll bend over backwards?
  5. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    depends if our a male of feamale that one lapinrose lol
  6. AlwaysAdaptable

    AlwaysAdaptable New commenter

    I usually check the last OFSTED reports when the ad says 'going through exciting and challenging times' meaning they are in special measures or have just scraped a 'Satisfactory', I check the ofsted report and letter to the pupils. I also ask myself why they have so many vacancies. Who has been managed out?
  7. I agree with all of the above BUT as far as you are concerned - don't get too down, some observers ARE harsh markers. Also, if you don't apply you will be forever thinking what if.
  8. Forget the daft descriptions - just apply.
    I really do think UK ads daft (sorry, but I compare them to our ads here, and could bash my head against a wall).
  9. Mangleworzle

    Mangleworzle Star commenter

    Every school wants the most fabulous candidate in the world, every school is vibrant and exciting, it's the same ethos that makes the smallest ice-cream size "Super" even though you could swallow it in a single gulp.
  10. Imagine it the other way round (it helps to put it all into perspective).
    "We are actually a really crappy school in special measures and our budget is exhausted, so we are looking for a really cheap, mediocre, satisfactory teacher for a job which will only challenge you because our students are undisciplined as we have no real, effective discipline policy. We have already advertised 50 times and nobody wants to work for us, so please, if you are desparate, we have a job for you. Please. Please. Apply. We really need you, nobody wants to work for us".
  11. Had to smile in recognition at your post- I've only ever had outstanding observations from ofsted, SLT and the school cat, but I feel no more confident than you do and would be equally nervous about applying for the 'OT ' jobs. I've picked my schools the same way I pick shoes- a good fit is essential.
  12. dumpty

    dumpty Star commenter

    Agree with above - it is typical British 'playing to the galleries' nonsense, so just apply. They do this to make it seem to the council they are the most serious and committed school there can be, you will then write an application full of the same waffle and hypocrisy about yourself.....hey, it's a game we all play, so don't feel bad about it!
  13. dumpty

    dumpty Star commenter

    As another poster has said, this is somewhat understandable but you have to be careful with how far you take this as you are doing exactly what OFSTED wants here - believing in them and taking them seriously.
  14. AlwaysAdaptable

    AlwaysAdaptable New commenter

    Unfortunately OFSTED dictates the lives of anyone in schools. Ofcourse OFSTED is not necessarily a good measure of how good or bad a school is.

  15. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    Just read this on a person specification:
    You must have:
    "Optimism and a reservoir of hope for young people"
    How big a reservoir?
  16. I've just sen one about being resilient when taking criticism from stakeholders! There was also a requirement for the HoD to be warm and approachable and forward thinking but be judicious enough to know what changes not to make! (Or words to that effect!)

    This is supposed to be a really good school too but that description makes me think I would be working in a gulag! [​IMG]
  17. lurk_much

    lurk_much Occasional commenter

    Outstanding teacher wanted. ?
    ha ha - It is up to the management to create the conditions where teachers thrive, this place is run by ostriches looking for a scapegoat.
    Not applying makes sense to me.
  18. lurk_much

    lurk_much Occasional commenter

    That one doesn't worry me at all. I would paraphrase it as 'the parents are a pain but if you grin and bear it we shall leave you alone to get on with the job as you see fit' Sounds fair enough.
  19. Nice question, robyn: are we talking Ravensthorpe or Rutland Water?
    Definition of an optimist?
    "Somebody not in full possession of all the relevant facts."
    'Repositories' of knowledge, skills, experience, understanding, etc,
    with proven expertise in learning and teaching need not apply.
    "And have you anything you'd like to ask the interview panel?"
    "Are the qualities sought in the successful applicant:
    a) noticeably present in all current members of staff; or,
    b) noticeably absent in all current members of staff."
    Who sang this?
    "Weeeee luuuurrrve you..."

  20. v12


    I just read a really funny definition on twitter.
    A pessimist is always alone, whereas an optimist is only ever two people away from a threesome!

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