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Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by eatanazurecrayon, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. I've been waiting to hear back from UWS but so far nothing.

    I have emailed them but they don't appear to be replying.

    Anyone heard anything?
  2. I've been waiting to hear back from UWS but so far nothing.

    I have emailed them but they don't appear to be replying.

    Anyone heard anything?
  3. Hiya,
    I'm still waiting to hear back as well :( I hate the waiting! Have an interview at Strathclyde on Friday but really want to find out if I have one at UWS or not... Hopefully this week we will hear something!
  4. Good Luck on Friday! Hope it goes well!

    I called them earlier and they said notifications where going out on a daily basis all of this week so hopefully were hear something.

  5. aw99

    aw99 New commenter

    I got a place today !!!!! sooo happy !
  6. Congrats aw99!!!...do you mean the undergrad though?
  7. aw99

    aw99 New commenter

    Yeah!! Im not as clever as you lot with your degree's !! lol

    Im sure that you will get your place!!
  8. Hi eatanazurecrayon
    I got a letter from UWS on monday inviting me for interview on tuesday the 8th, its waiting list only though which im a bit gutted about! Have you heard anything? Dont suppose you have been to an interview at UWS before cause im so worried about it!
  9. Is it Post grad primary you applied for? I had my application in for this course well before the closing date and have heard nothing back, has anyone else heard anything?
  10. Hi fairy_88,
    I got my application in on the deadline and have been emailing the course admin about my refs who said theyd be informing applicants two weeks ago about interviews! Still havent had any news!

    To the OP what do you mean waiting list interview?

  11. Its secondary biology that i applied for. Well it says on my letter "waiting list only" which according to UWS means that if im successful at interview i will only get a place if somebody else declines theirs or takes a place and then pulls out before the course starts! I didn't even know that people got interviewed for the waiting list, i just thought that the top people from interview would get on the course and then people who narrowly missed it would maybe get waiting list. I dont know if i should be optomistic or not as ive not spoken to anyone who has been in this situation.
  12. Thats a bit strange, have they already done a batch of interviews then? It seems very odd to me to be interviewed to join a waiting list!
    I applied just prior to closing date for Primary and have heard nothing yet either :eek:(
  13. Hi everyone

    I also have applied to the primary PGDE and have heard nothing, not even an acknowledgement that they received my application. From what I can tell it seems that they're telling a different story to everyone who enquires, bit ridiculous if you ask me!
  14. Well when i spoke to them before i got the impression that they had interviews in Jan also but im not sure, i didn't even know people got interviewed for the waiting list. Ive had a look on these forums but cant find anyone in a similar situation. I applied really near the closing date also, hope that didnt affect my chances but i guess it technically shouldnt. Good luck x
  15. Ive been placed on the PE waiting list at UWS and iam a bit confused there is only 8-10 spaces on the course how may do you think will be placed on the waiting list? x
  16. I have no idea how many are placed on the waiting list - it all seems a bit strange to me. I think i will ask at my interview how many places there are etc. When is your interview? Mine is on tuesday and im super nervous already!
  17. Found out today through the post that I have an interview for Primary PGDE on 25th February :)
  18. ohhhh!!! so people are finally hearing! I'm gonna be nervous waiting on hearing from them, and also hearing from strathclyde after my interview! I hate this waiting game!
  19. Hey I also got a letter in today from UWS inviting me for interview on the 25th Feb for primary, soo hopefully the other people waiting to hear will get a letter soon to!! :)
  20. Hi, I'm new here, although I have been checking tes for a few months I hadn't joined.
    I also have an interview at UWS on tuesday for the waiting list. I know, it IS strange, I also thought they made the waiting list after all the interviews. =S Still trying to keep my hopes up.
    And why are we not allowed to use slides for our presentation? I'm going mad thinking of a physical prop for my presentation....it's at the worst time for me as well because the first draft of my dissertation is also due in next week.
    What are you guys applying for? I'm doing biology with teaching (secondary).
    BTW have you guys heard anything back from aberdeen yet? I've been waiting for AGES, i even called them up and they said my application is with the admissions officer, and that was 2 weeks ago. =(

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