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UWIC Secondary English 2011

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Rhirhimajic, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. Rhirhimajic

    Rhirhimajic New commenter

    I just recieved a conditional offer today for a place on the UWIC Secondary English course starting this September. Are there any of my future classmates milling around this forum?
  2. Rhirhimajic

    Rhirhimajic New commenter

    Oh fantastic, well done! I've not heard anything apart from the changes on GTTR, I'm waiting on the letter also. Can't wait to get some more info through and hear more about the course :)
  3. First of all congrats on getting an interview - no matter what the result you did well to get that far! I know its a timely and frustrating process - it took me 3 years to get in!
    This year I had my interview in January and was told that I would find out in April BUT she did say that she would try to get a decision earlier if possible as i'd tried before and was obvously putting my life on hold ... I found out in March - so 1 month early but still 2 months in total.
    I received an email from GTTR saying that 'something had changed' on my application so logged in and found out there. I received a letter from them about 2 weeks later so i'm glad they email!!
    Keep your fingers crossed and good luck!

  4. Rhirhimajic

    Rhirhimajic New commenter

    It was 6 weeks between my interview and the decision for me. I had an email from GTTR saying something had changed on my application, then after a terrifying few minutes of logging in I found out I'd got in. UWIC are back from Easter holidays on the 2nd of May, so maybe you'll hear something that week? My decision came the first Monday back after a reading week.
  5. Rhirhimajic

    Rhirhimajic New commenter

    meggriffin- did you get your welcome pack email?

    Duclima- any news?
  6. I did yes and I've printed it out but as yet not arranged my primary placement - have you? I can't decide which is the best way to go about it; do you go into school to see the head? Do you telephone? Email? Send a letter? HELP!
  7. Rhirhimajic

    Rhirhimajic New commenter

    What I've done for placements in previous years is sent a letter off explaining who I am, my degree atm and my PGCE, along with what I would be required to do on the placement and how long it would be for. I sent off a letter to a primary school last week but haven't heard anything back yet :(

    The timetable thingy looks really intense...not that I wasn't expecting an intense year, it was just really 'final' seeing it laid out like that!
  8. I know! I am so excited/terrified!
    My last 4 days in work this week and I cannot wait to get going.
    My spare room is FULL of stationary and books that i've collected over the summer [​IMG]
    Are you all prepared and raring to go???
  9. Rhirhimajic

    Rhirhimajic New commenter

    Haha me too! Getting pretty worried about the money situation but SO excited to get started with everything.
    I finished work on Saturday, all prepared to start though so I'm spending my week chilling out, seeing friends and trying not to worry :p so keen to find out where my first placement is. Did you sort out your primary placement in the end?
  10. Yeah I know - at least we can get the Welsh Assembly Learning Grant though - that has saved my life!
    My last day is today and I'm buzzing with excitement, everyone at work is getting offended at how happy I am to leave [​IMG]
    I did sort it - rang a school and spoke directly to the head and within 5 minutes I was sorted! How about you?
    Do you know where we have to meet on Monday? Fancy meeting me in the cafeteria on Monday morning before we start? I can bring a rose..ha!
  11. Rhirhimajic

    Rhirhimajic New commenter

    Oh, is the Welsh Assembly Learning Grant part of the student finance Wales package or did you need to apply for that separately?
    No idea! They still haven't put the room numbers up on the "meet your tutor" page. Sure, that would be great, add me on Facebook if you like so you know what I look like! My name is Rhian Willment...my profile picture has a lot of hair flying about :p

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